The Powertrick Revolution has begun.


In this latest episode me and Tony examine how our philosophy on dealing with women in today’s backwards feminist hellhole has taken root. Many men are opting out of the conventional out of date methods that leave the man the ultimate sucker and loser. Our methods make sure that men get what they want and at least keep things even so that woman cannot exploit and use you. The eyes of the male population are beginning to open and many woman are feeling the burn. Join us in the revolution and help keep these chicks honest. I’m out.


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Free Diva Pics!


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Ms. December.


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Past Log Entry: 16 July 04

I seen Baby Brotha in the slums and we stopped and rapped a bit. He had this one female named Monique following him around like a puppy. She had a fat ass and nice hips. I’m thinking she need to holla at me. I tell him “Hey Nicca, share dat shyt.” He just laughed and said” Big Bruh, she is yours all you gotta do is ask. She’s my Jig and me and my Niccaz pass her around all the time.” I said “She down for some video action?” Hey said “Shyt Nicca just ask her.” I was gonna ask but I don’t like hitt’n the females with bizness propositions while my pockets are light. If a female bites and want to get down immediately and I don’t have the cheese, it makes me look like a second rate Nicca. So I refrained from askin her until a later date. Baby Brotha wanted to use my hotel room later for Monique so I dropped the key off at his crib at about 11 p.m. My brotha was tell’n me that the sheriff had been out there investigating a rash of burglaries in the projects. The locals all believe it was Tia that is behind it all. They say she finds these drugged out Niccaz and convinces them to do the burglury and then they sell what they steal and go buy dope with the money. It is alleged that Tia has a coke habit. I don’t give a fuck about that shyt though, as long as she don’t try and fleece me she gonna be alright. You best believe I’m always watching her ass though. She ain’t gonna catch me slipp’n.

Believe it or not I actually tracked down Tia and I scooped her up about 9 p.m and took her to some spots downtown to shoot stills and then took her to the hotel, and left nut all on her big ass tits. Damn all she did was fuss, whine and complain about everything. I know that’s the last I’m gonna fuck wit her, it’s definitely time to get a new batch of freaks. But before I do I’m trying to at least get all the first females I used and give them one last shot at the crown.

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Zena photo shoot.


See Zena’s buck wild sexcapades on video in the members area!


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Old school flava rap session.

june122006-213Topics of discussion: LaDonna gets her car reposessed. Why do I wear my shoes while I’m butt naked and I’m fuck’n on hood hoes? What’s good about Hoflipper network? Why is Gay Niccaz comin to my web site? Pet Peeves about Chicks I can’t stand.

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Jessica Rabbit: She loves me, she loves me not.

jrabbitWhen you hit Niccaz with the real, muthafukkaz don’t wanna listen. I tell dudes all the time that I got females on deck that have real feelinz for me. Even though I aproach these relationships in a very bizness and practical manner. Some still end up getting attached to me. Niccaz say it can’t happen, no way a bytch can love a Nicca with Trick tactics. Believe what thou wilt, your wrong. I submit exhibit A: Text message from one of my babies from about 5 years ago.

Once again I stress to you playaz do not become someones elses ideological flunky. Create and cultivate your own system to deal with whatever problems you may encounter in your life. I get more action than you can even imagine. And about half the freaks I fuck with got real love for a Nicca. The other half are strictly used as fuck toys. But these days I have grown tired of just bendin these freaks over. Im on some different shyt. I mostly now indulge in relationships that I use to have with my baby jessica. I don’t see her no more because she went and got married. But she know she can always come back and see Daddy if things don’t work out with the marriage.

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