This piece of hot chocolate is another one of my favorite freaks. She was by far the most athletic chick I had in the stable. I once seen her run up a wall and climb into a second story window in her aprtment. She is a neat freak and hates bodily fluids. She seems to stare out into space alot and live in her own little world at times. It took me forever to just get this chick to give me a blowjob without a condom. Her body feels like a bronze statue, I ain't never fucked a chick with such a hard body. Her sex and head skillz was hot ! I love how she use to use my dick to poke the inside of her cheeks. It kind of look like she was brush'n her teeth with my Johnson. Join the now see this sexy muthafukka get down.
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The Black Mamba
If it's one thing in the Universe that I like above all other things, it's a Red Bone with huge Tits! It was love at first site when I first seen Star being employed at a local strip club as a barmaid. I was hope'n she was a stripper so I could see them huge melons get unleashed, but it never went down. Then maybe 6 months later I get introduced again to her through another freak  because Star needed a quick financial hook up. I was very excited to get a chance to play with Star. She was a no nonsense type of chick that was older than most the freaks I know. She did a tit fuck, stripper and blow job video for me a while back. I was a bit disapointed in her headgame. But ya know these pretty chicks don't seem to have top notch skillz.
This was one of the most treacherous and evil freaks I had in the stable. She use to have this hang up about seeing me with younger and slimmer chicks. Each time I denied her any video work she would scream about how I was play'n her for sexier young freaks. She even Black mailed Sidetrick John and extorted money out of his ass back in 2005. She was a dangerous bitch to fuck with, but I kept her in the loop because she had black belt dick suck'n skillz! Her Head was on a whole differant level than most chicks in this game. She didn't ignore any section of the genitals. And she always swallowed my load. She never spilled a drop! Join Now and see her consume mass quantities. 
Not much to speak on with this snowflake. Me and John did a real quick suck and fuck session with babygirl and it was alright. It wasn't a very memorable vid shoot at all. The only reason it sticks in my mind was because her attitude was so bad. All she kept doing through the whole session was roll her eyes, smirk and make slick verbal jabs about the size of John's dick. She had no idea that there were black men in the world with 5 inch penises. And she made it her job to point that out every chance she could get. But we don't give a fuck what a freak gotta say about these nutz. Get on your job girl and put that dick sucker to good use. You talk'n too damn much! Join Now and witness her blatant disrespect.