Boss Chick: The Succubus.

LdonnaAug08-(149)Meet Donna. One of the coldest bytchez to ever play the game. She holds the distinct honor of being the only bytch who has ever pulled tears out of my face. I actually went into super weeny simp mode and thought about killing myself when she dumped me for a lesbian. Her manipulation skills are deadly. She has sociopathic characteristics. One day she can be so loving and nurturing. She makes you think your the only one in the world that matters to her. The next day she a cold blooded bytch who delights in emasculating you and cutting off your balls. I was fooled by her many times. I didnt wanna believe she was playing me. To this day, I don’t know who is the real Donna.

I see her every now and then and we just do lunch dates. She got married in 2011 to a butch lesbian and they were cool for a year or two. But it aint been nothing but problems and drama for the past year. Last I heard they were both getting a divorce. I told her it wouldn’t last when she went ahead and did it. But she wouldn’t listen. So now karma is in effect, the same pain and heart ache she served to all the men in her life has come back to sting her. She is truly miserable and trying to maintain her sanity. Not going into the specicfics of why they can’t seem to get along, but just know and understand that it’s the same ol shyt me and her use to fight about constantly. And the only way to know that is to get a look inside the Mackcity journal complete with video of our sexual escapades. Check it out, shyt is insane.

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Tia: Past episode 2004.


I love some big titty freaks. I use to skeet all over them juggs.

I love some big titty freaks. I use to skeet all over them juggs.

Got Tia back on the roster fellaz. Been wanting to bust a nut on her for the past 5 or 6 months. She been in hiding for a while due to accusations of her stealing other project chick wick cards,food stamps and county checks. I heard this from her “use to be” best friend Alexxxis. It seems that Tia allegedly stole her county check. Seems like Tia ain’t tryin to show her face in N.L village. I couldn’t find her anywhere until I was just cruise’n the village one day and seen her walkin with her 5 kids. She flagged a Nicca down and wanted to know why I hadn’t called her or came by to see her. I can’t believe she had the nerve to ask me that shyt. I said “Whatever dammit, let’s skip the bullshyt portion of this conversation and meet me tonight at your crib at about 8 p.m. I’m tryin to get some freak shyt jumpin tonight.” She didn’t hesitate to say yes.

Fot the fellaz like like them dump truck booties.

For the fellaz that like them dump truck booties.

I went to her crib and picked her up at 8 pm. We had to drop off her tribe of kids ovah her moms house. Then we went to the park and we went downtown for some snap shots. Then we went to the hotel where she slobbed my knob real good. I doggystyled her and then nutted on her tits. It was an okay session, she just need to stop bein so whiney and complain’n so fuck’n much. Doin shyt with her is like pull’n teeth. She don’t like this, she don’t like that. All night I had to hear her cry about something. “I’m Hungry, I need a cigarette, It’s cold in here, The lights is too bright………” All night was whine, whine, whine,bytch, bytch bytch, complain, complain, complain.

Them dome skillz was pretty good. I never had a problem bustin off.

Them dome skillz was pretty good. I never had a problem bustin off.

I dropped her back off at home knowing full well that she would more than likely take the cheese she just earned and go and buy some blow. She wanted me to take her to a friends house on the west side but I knew better. I don’t do anymore pit stops for these freaks. Ain’t no tellin what sort of illegal substances they will bring into my ride. And I damn sure ain’t down with that. She been callin me lately wanting to know what I’m up too. But I ain’t called her back. She got on my nerves so much this last session, it may well be the last time ya’ll see any new MackCity tales from her ass.

Hoodheadhunters/454Girls and Mackcity!



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