Sparkle/Tiffany/Mamba and Carmen Episode.

10 July 04.

Get a call early in the morning from Tiffany about 7 or 8 am and she is crying that she got her car stolen and was getting threats from the dude who stole her car to not tell the police or he would kill her. Sparkle gets on the phone and is bytch’n about the fact that she can’t go to Atlanta and leave Tiffany their alone because something might happen to her while she is gone. So I ask her what the fuck do you want me to do? She of course wants another Bus Ticket. I said “No”. She begs and pleads and says that if Tiffany don’t get a Bus ticket she wont be able to go to Atlanta because the friend that Sparkle is staying with will kick Tiffany out if Sparkle is not their. I told her that shyt ain’t my concern or problem. I tell her to call John for some freebies. They call John and he promises Tiffany a video shoot today for 50 dollaz and they all call me back and tell me. I’m like “whatever.”

Well I guess that 50 dolla gig wasn’t enough for them because Sparkle calls back about 3 more times trying to boost the fee to at least the price of the Bus Ticket and I tell her. I ain’t playin yo game. She is now actin stoopid and askin “What you talkin about?” I just said “I’m through with this bus ticket bullshyt, c-ya.” So I hangs up and 10 minutes later she calls again! But this time she all screamin on the phone sayin that Tiffany just took a whole bottle of some sort of pills and is trying to kill herself! I said” Why the fuck you tell’n me? Call the damn ambulance!” She said” Tiffany don’t want us to call the ambulance or get the hospital or cops involved. So I said “Well then just get ready to explain to the police why you have a dead body in ya house.” Then I asked Sparkle what pills did tiffany take because on the phone earlier when she gave me that “car got stolen line” she said that Tiffany’s medication for her mental disorders were in there. So I’m like what pills did she take if her pills were in her car that got stole? Suddenly and miraculously Tiffany had some other pills layin around. So I just broke it down like this, I said” Dig, just forget about doin that shoot tonight, I can’t be doin video shoots with unstable females. Ain’t no tellin what will happen when we get her to the hotel. I can’t be involved in no psycho shyt. Holla at ya’ll later.”

They tried to run game, but it backfired.

I also ran into Carmen today at the strip club. I had Chocolate with me because she was bored and wanted to spend a little time with me. I told her I was on a hunt for new blood and I was goin to the strip club. She said fine…she is Bi-sexual anyway and couldn’t wait to go. I see Carmen first thing as I walk in the door. She is all smiles and gives me a hug and asks why I haven’t called her. I told her I tried to call her 2 times but her phone keeps sayin it’s disconnected. She said “Well you must be dialing the wrong number.” I was like “Yeah, whatever.”

I go to the bar and buy me and chocolate some drinks and we sit down. I just sit down and some big booty freak runs over to me and asks me did I appreciate her dance? I was like baby I didn’t even see your dance, I just got here. But I got something for you. I had 4 dollars in quarters that I was gonna give this Hoe, but as soon as she seen the change she got offended. She had a Bag for her money so it ain’t like she couldn’t cary the fuck’n change. I had them quarters to play pool, but the pool table was broke, so I was just gonna give this bytch the quarters. But she got funky about it so I was like “Fuck you too.” Imagine a hoe so uppity she wont take 4 dollaz worth in quarters. I’m sittin in this raggedy ass strip bar with 3 patrons in it and 4 dancers. I’m thinkin “Bytch u betta get every cent you can get.”

Carmen gets up and dances on the stage next. Chocolate is lookin at her hard like she wanna eat the pussy or sumth’n. I tell her to calm down…hahahhaa. Carmen gets done with the dance and comes over to my table beggin for a dollar. So I tip her a dollar. She then stands their lookin at me stoopid and tells me to put another dollar in her belt. I slam on the brakes real fast and tell her” I’m not on this Strip tease shyt in a bar, holla at me when you get off work and you can dance for me for some serious money in a more private atmosphere. But she wouldn’t take no for an answer. She still was pressin me about another dollar. I told her “No” and she walked off mad. I told her to “Come back and let me holla at you girl. She came back and I said “So you game to get some action tonight or what?” She tried to walk away again. So I spoke a little bit louder so she could hear me. I said “You down for some action or what!” She storms back to my table gett’n a bit loud with me, sayin I’m tryin to get her in touble and why am I speakin so loud. All I could think of was her at age 14 tryin to get me jammed up in some ho shyt. So I probably did subliminally yell some shyt out that could have got her fired, but fuck it, I don’t love that bytch anyway. Chocolate looks at me and says, I don’t like her, you want me to whoop her ass? I thought about it for a sec…. then I just smiled and said “No”’s all good.

Needless to say she probably wont be callin me no time soon. Fuck her.

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Journal log snippet: June 27, 2004

Carmen: 27 June 04

Today was a good day! Me and John went to the local strip Bar about 12 midnight after leavin the projects. We played pool and drank some beer. There was the usual females in there dance’n and hounding a Nicca for a dolla. I can’t figure out why the same bytchez keep askin me for a dolla when they know I ain’t gonna give it to them. I only give my model freaks love when I see them dance’n up in the cut. All the other freaks can just eat a dick. Hoes be actin like I owe em somethin. Well we say hi to our usual lady friends and hit them with some 10’s and 20’s and we make sure the other dancers see this shyt. We wanna make sure that these females know who ball’n in this bytch. Well our tactic works too good often times, we attract the females only to give em our sales pitch, if they say no, we send em on they way penniless. If they truly seem interested and have good attitudes we hit em with a little cheddar.

This one fine ass chocolate female kept catching our eye and John just wouldn’t shut the fuck up about her. She was a fine piece of ass I must say. But something was weird about her. I just kept staring at her because she looked real familiar. We call her over and she was real warm and personable, but in a fake way. I can sense when a broad is being phony. But I’m still rack’n my brain trying to place her face and assemble the puzzle. Then like a bolt of lightening it struck me!

Back in 1999 I had a 4 man team trying to do this Inter-net shyt and I had two Niccaz in charge of find’n models. Well, were at the hotel waitn on these two dumb Niccaz to bring us (me and John) the freaks and they show up with the females but with no I.D. The females begged and pleaded with us to let them do the session but they looked a bit young. I said “nah, we tight”. Holla at us when you find your I.D’s. The dark skinned female pitched a bitch and was tryin to flex on a Nicca. She was like “You scary ass Nicca, what you scared of? Be a man and take out that money so we can get down.” I swear I wanted to slap the hoe dead in the mouth. I hate chics with fly ass mouths. The two slow Niccaz look’n mad at us and askin us why don’t we shoot em and then try and get the I’D’s later. I said, Don’t talk to me about no dumb shyt like that, are you insane Nicca?” I said “Do what you want to these broads when me and John leave but we ain’t fuckn wit no hoez with no I.D’s” So we left and we nevah heard from them Niccaz again or the two females. Now remember this was in 1999.

Now here we are in 2004 and I see the main chick who was given me drama about not wanting to shoot her because she had no I.D. Her name is Carmen and I vividly remember how much the bytch got on my nerves. But she seemed to have matured a bit in her conversation and she didn’t rub me so raw this time. Well she really didn’t remember us so we went ahead and gave her the sales pitch, and told her,”Fuck putt’n a dolla in that G-string. Let’s roll out of here and put some real money in ya hand.” I said “Just give us 60 minutes of ya time and let us photograph that pretty ass for 100 dollaz.” She jumped on that shyt real quick. I was like well I know you must be legal and all ,especially since you danc’n in this fine establishment, but let me peep ya I.D so I know you legal. She pulls out her State I.D and I about pissed on myself. It stated clear as day that she was 19! Now do the math. If she is 19 now and she wanted to get naked with us in the summer of 1999, how old was she then? She was either 14 or 15 years old!!! Gawd Damn!!! These hoes is treacherous! A serious note to all aspiring Adult entertainment producers……Don’t you ever fuck around and do shyt with a female who can’t prove her age. That shyt is serious bizness Jack. That bytch could of had us doin some serious time if we would have decided to shoot her anyway.

As far as I was concerned it was payback time. I said to myself. Hahahha, I finally got ya bytch. The more I thought about what the fuck she tried to pull, the more it started to piss me off. I just couldn’t wait to get her ass naked in my ride, and make her strip down outside in the cold night air. I truly wanted to just degrade her ass. Well we got her on video put’n in that work, vengeance is mine. Holla!

—————->>>>>>>>>  Click here for video!!!

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Mackcity: An analysis of Humanity

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Detail :
DISCLAIMER: FOR YOU NICCAZ thats gonna have a problem with me giving Big Mike his props: Get over it!!!!!!!

When i joined mackcity last year, I was hooked on the fetish of project chicks and the raw sexuality on display for the viewers. I asked myself: How can does Big Mike do this shit? Why is this website so successful? Well I recently rejoined after getting my paper right again. I got myself caught up on all the journal entries. It was at this point that i became enlightened as to why this site is so successful. The truth is that what is on display is raw unapologetic honesty. The site as it the founder calls it: a documentary. Far more compelling that the naked ass and titties and facials (Which I like) are the stories. It is my assertion that the secret to mack city is actually not the sexuality of the females but the stories that led them to the cyber hustle. The complexities of each female make the experience as real as walking out your front door. The tale is told as brutally honest as possible. However, Big Mike is also honest about himself as well. He openly admits performance problems. Now how many niccaz are honest enough to confess to that in public? I would wager not many. But yet there is still another layer to this shakespearean epic called mackcity. That being the clash between the lower and higher natures of the human experience and the dichotomy surrounding each picture and video. For while Big Mike´s mouthpiece seems to be as lethal as anthrax in an open envelop: it is actually his humanity that is perhaps his biggest asset. Although he does fuck and squirt on these females. He also counsels them when they need an encouraging word, scolds then when they run afoul of basic respect, helps them when they are in danger and feeds them when they are hungry. The interesting part is: that he does all this as they attempt to run game on him. Athough they are untimately unsuccesful and swear that they will never fuck with him again, the truth is they seem to be drawn to him like a moth to a flame. Therefore they always return and end up on the front page. Is it because of the quick money? maybe: But after reading the stories, I really think that it is because of his humanity even when they are at their worst in their relationship with mackcity, they see him as a just and decent person. It is this human dichotomy that sets mackcity apart from all other amateur black porn sites. It is in fact a stage for the ever unfolding scenes of human. Some viewers will notice that Big Mike never shows his face. That maybe because he is not the story. He sets the props and plays the suppoting role in the drama. The females and their experiences are the driving force behind the story. Mackcity is indeed a unique experience. Long Live Mack City and Long Live Big Mike…

From the comrade,

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