Past Journal Log: 21 July 04

21 July 04

Chocolate been call’n and bugg’n the fuck out of me for the past 2 days. I probably made a big mistake a couple of days ago when I kissed her on the cheek and forehead and told her to stop feelin sorry for herself and to stop cryin about life. I told her she needs to start being more responsible and stop relying on me to save her ass when ever she fucks up. I told her I’m done with her bullshyt.

This conversation came about because she feels that I play favorites with my models. She thinks I give Mz. Vee more love than her on the money tip and gets more job offers. Now ya’ll got to understand that her and Mz. Vee use to be good friends and use to even eat each others pussy. I stepped on the  scene and found Mz. Vee and hooked her up with some cash. Then Chocolate gets at me through Mz. Vee. There have been instances where I have had these two havin shoutn and shovin matches about me in the middle of the projects. Chocolate has always been jealous of Vee. But I ain’t tryin to marry or fall in love with either of em. And Vee ain’t tryin to fall in love with me either as far as I know. Vee is no doubt one of my favorites and it ain’t Chocolates bizz if I do like to give her most of the work. It’s my money and my web site. I put on the bytches that I like dammit, what the fuck? Well I’m driving the car and Chocolate starts tellin me how she wants me to fuck her in the ass and stuff my dick in her mouth. I told her maybe some other time.

Chocolate then breaks down and says that she feels bad about herself and that she thinks that me and john only look at her as a cheap-ex drug addict that will suck dick for pennies. I just shake my head and say to her” You just sat here in my ride and told me that you want me to fuck you in the ass and stuff my dick in your mouth and dump a load of nut in your throat. Now the typical Nicca would have parked somewhere and did all that shyt to you. And this is not the first time you have requested that I do that to you, but I’m all about bizness. I don’t feel the need to do those things to you because I do feel we are better than that. So I don’t  see why you feel that I look at you like that? I don’t call you and come over yur house and make you do shyt to me.” She knows I’m all about bizz, and she knows I’m fair. This is just a situation where she is broke ass fuck and needs to think up reasons why she should be pissed at me because SHE is penniless. She she breaks down and starts crying and I’m keepin this shyt real wit ya’ll playaz. I really like 80% of the females I employ and I don’t want to see most of em fucked up in anyway. So It kind of fucked me up to see her like that. I could see that she has been in pain the majority of her life, but it ain’t my job to fix it. She has to do that herself. But usually when I drop her off she usually leans over and kisses me on the cheek. This day she was about to run out the car without kissn a Nicca good bye. So I grabbed her and kissed her gently on her cheek, forehead and eyelid. The tears were still stream’n down her face and I could taste the salt.

Gawd damn, what the fuck was I thinking?

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Past Journal Log:19 July 04

19 July 04

Well it didn’t take long for Chocolate to break down and kiss my ass. She called me on the phone today about 11 A.M and apologized and gave me the standard line about how stressed she is about life. And all I did was listen and tell her” Don’t have time to listen to this, get to the point. It’s obvious you need something from me otherwise you wouldn’t have called.”

She said” I know I said I wouldn’t call you no more, but I need your help.” I said “Shyt…what the fuck is new? I knew you would break down and call me on some I need help shyt sooner or later”. She asked “How did you know that?” I said ” “Because I know for a fact, I’m the only Nicca in ya life that is worth a shyt. It was only a matter of time before you was sittin all alone and stuck like chuck in ya house with no one to turn to. Who else can you call and get a ride here or there? Who else can you call and get a 10 or a 20 dolla spot? What otha Nicca will bring you food when you fuck’n starvin?”

“Ain’t nobody showin that kind of love towards you. So when you call and say shyt like you through with me, it makes me fuck’n laugh. You know how this shyt works…. you need me, I don’t need you. You was just shootin ya self in the foot girl and sooner or later you was gonna see how stupid it is to displease me. Now how much money you need and where you tryin to go?” She said she needed 20 dollars and she needed a ride to go downtown to take a pre- G.E.D test so she can go to school. I was like I can give you the ride, but you on punishment with the money. You ain’t gettin no cheese from me till I see an improvement in your attitude. She got the nerve to trip on me. I swear these broads got the I.Q of a paper plate. Even if I don’t have cheese to give these females I find them another way to make bread by doing bachelor parties or hookin them up with other producers. And they still actin funky? But it’s the nature of the bizz I’m in, so I just deal wit it.

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Past Log Entry: 17 July 04

17 July 04

I’m supposed to shoot Brown Sugah today but I don’t think it’s gonna happen. John is supposed to be the stunt dick and he says he can’t make it. I got my dick sucked and I fucked so much yesterday that I’m not even in the mood to fuck with her. I called her and cancelled the shoot. I told her I’ll holla at a later date.

Chocolate (a.k.a Black Mamba) called me tonight and asked did I have any pictures printed of her and Jaquatta. I said” No I don’t”. I no longer print pictures for the models, I can put them on disk if they want they, but fuck using my Ink and Photo paper. That shyt starts to get expensive. I’m just laugh’n my ass off at this female, she tells me she is through with me the other day and how fucked up I am, but thinks of every reason in the world to call me.  She done stuck her foot in her mouth and now she’s trying trying to figure out a way to remove it and get back in good with me. How the fuck you gonna disrespect and play the only thing of value in your life? How can you burn the bridge to my Island? What kind of dumbshyt is that?

Well I told her to holla at me later because I was busy. She had more on her mind and wanted to say something, but she didn’t say shyt. If you have been a member for a while, you’ll remember that this the same broad that claimed she was in love with me. If this is true, then this bytch can be dangerous. But I’m banking on that line just being more bullshyt to try and game me. I’m just wonderin what kind of excuse she will think of next to use to call me.

Click here for Video—->>>> Me and John skeet’n in Chocolate’s face at her crib in the projects when we first met her.

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15 July 04: past journal log

Chocolate called me and wanted to know what I was doing. I told her I was about to go out and do a video shoot. She paused and didn’t say nothing then said “Oh, okay, I’ll talk to you later” and then she hung up. I go over to grab my car keys to hit the road and then my phone rings again. I see it’s Chocolate on the caller I.D. I answer the phone and Chocolate says” I just want you to hear me out. You are full of shyt, you know I need a shoot and the money would have went to me getting an apartment because I have to get out my moms house by Saturday. “Then she says “I appreciate all you have done for me, but I’m through with you and this is goodbye, I wont be callin you no more”. I said” Is that all?” She said “Yeah.” Then she hung up.

I don’t know how many times I tell these broads that I don’t give a fuck about what THEY WANT. My business is not predicated upon what they want. They often call sayin “I need a shoot.” They got shyt twisted. I’m the one who is supposed to decide who gets on Video. I’m the one who has the bizness. I’m the one who does the callin to see who I want to fuck wit. They think that if they call and need some money, I’m gonna automatically give em a model gig. And then when you don’t give em the Gig they say you are dirty and treating them unfair. What part of the game is this? I don’t know how many times I have pulled Chocolates ass out the fire. I can’t count how many times I gave her a pity shoot just because she was needed the money. Half the time I never even wanted to shoot her. But she was cool people so I decided to try and look out.

But you see, this is the thanks you get for trying to help ghetto folks. You can help a bytch 99 times but if you tell her “No.” one time they wanna scream bloody murder. The “nice guy” routine can pay off in spades, but it has it’s pit falls. This situation is a major one. These females get so use to you being there to support and help them when no one else will. Then the minute you can’t deliver they feel betrayed by you. But you have to draw the line somewhere. You have to at some point and time cut they ass off, or they will bleed you dry with their misfortunes. Their misfortunes, mishaps and fuck ups will become yours as well. And a Mack ain’t got time to carry nobodies burdens but his own. Shyt! A Mack ain’t suppose to even have Burdens of his own anyway, why the fuck I want to make your drama my drama?

Bottom Line is, fine then girl, leave me be. See if ya Moms, Uncle, or Boyfriend can show you as much support as I have. I was doing all they jobs by trying to look out and support ya ass, Now this one time I can’t fuck wit ya and I’m a bad guy? One more needy ass wench bites the dust.

It’s 11:30 p.m and I just came back from gettin my dick slobbed by Champagne. The shyt was phenomenal!!!! Ohhh, I love a spitty blow job! I nutted all ovah them pretty lips. Stick around and stay a member and see the spit fly. Life is good.

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Past log: Gumbo Mix 14 July 2004

14 July 04

It's 2 A.M in the morning Sparkles calls me crying on the phone ,begging for 30 dollaz. She claims that she has just kicked out Tiffany and they not cool no more because Tif wasn't hitt'n her with any money. I guess Sparkle needed the money for a Hotel for the night. But Nicca like me ain't got time to play with that bullshyt. She should have saved her money and did something with it instead of give it away to Niccaz that didn't give a shyt about her. Now she running back to the Nicca that has showed her love time and time again. Now she wanna use me up, while she let's otha Niccaz use her as she gives away my money that she done begged for. Fuck that, NO MORE!

I'm about to roll out and pick up Chocolate. She wants to go Job hunting and she asked could I take her a couple of places. I said sure. But ya'll know this ain't free, I'm gonna take her to a park and make her swallow my nut.

Just got back from taken Chocolate to her Job interview. She got in the car all depressed. I asked her what is wrong. She said "Nothing". So I left it at that and took her ass home. I didn't get drank up like I wanted too, after seeing her all frowning and depressed and shyt, I decided to save my juice for a later date. When a bytch drink this shyt, I wanna see a smile on her face, ya dig?

Still tryin to decide which honey I'm gonna put to work this week. I have enough cheese to hire 3 or 4. But I'm not trying to waste my money. I need to find different shyt for em to do. Jessica called and wants to get down, but she don't wanna suck no dick. But she got good pussy. Alexxxis called and wants to drink me up again and her head skillz send shivers down my balls. She is the best. And of course she pregnant so that's a plus on film. Alexxxis cousin, Nee Nee the drunk argumentative cute sistah wants to get down also. Her head skills is ok, and the pussy is okay also. She may be a diamond in the ruff, but I wont never know if she keeps wanting to come to the shoots all drunk and shyt. Ice wants to get down also. Her head is great! And her fuck'n skillz is the best. Out of all the chicks, I love fuck'n her the most, she is the complete package except for she ain't really built like a stallion. But now she got all sorts of boyfriend drama that I would have to work around if I wanted to get at her. Champagne wants to get down also! She is a beautiful ass sistah when she gets done up. She is a great performer and easy to work with. But she wanna try and jack up her model fee to the point that, I don't feel I need to fuck with her. When chicks try and dictate their Model fee, I tend to leave them alone. Only room for one Mack in this shyt and that's me. That means they can't dictate shyt.


Join now to see Video---->>>> First video I ever did with Ice. Here she is shake'n her ass for Daddy.

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Sparkle/Tiffany/Mamba and Carmen Episode.

10 July 04.

Get a call early in the morning from Tiffany about 7 or 8 am and she is crying that she got her car stolen and was getting threats from the dude who stole her car to not tell the police or he would kill her. Sparkle gets on the phone and is bytch’n about the fact that she can’t go to Atlanta and leave Tiffany their alone because something might happen to her while she is gone. So I ask her what the fuck do you want me to do? She of course wants another Bus Ticket. I said “No”. She begs and pleads and says that if Tiffany don’t get a Bus ticket she wont be able to go to Atlanta because the friend that Sparkle is staying with will kick Tiffany out if Sparkle is not their. I told her that shyt ain’t my concern or problem. I tell her to call John for some freebies. They call John and he promises Tiffany a video shoot today for 50 dollaz and they all call me back and tell me. I’m like “whatever.”

Well I guess that 50 dolla gig wasn’t enough for them because Sparkle calls back about 3 more times trying to boost the fee to at least the price of the Bus Ticket and I tell her. I ain’t playin yo game. She is now actin stoopid and askin “What you talkin about?” I just said “I’m through with this bus ticket bullshyt, c-ya.” So I hangs up and 10 minutes later she calls again! But this time she all screamin on the phone sayin that Tiffany just took a whole bottle of some sort of pills and is trying to kill herself! I said” Why the fuck you tell’n me? Call the damn ambulance!” She said” Tiffany don’t want us to call the ambulance or get the hospital or cops involved. So I said “Well then just get ready to explain to the police why you have a dead body in ya house.” Then I asked Sparkle what pills did tiffany take because on the phone earlier when she gave me that “car got stolen line” she said that Tiffany’s medication for her mental disorders were in there. So I’m like what pills did she take if her pills were in her car that got stole? Suddenly and miraculously Tiffany had some other pills layin around. So I just broke it down like this, I said” Dig, just forget about doin that shoot tonight, I can’t be doin video shoots with unstable females. Ain’t no tellin what will happen when we get her to the hotel. I can’t be involved in no psycho shyt. Holla at ya’ll later.”

They tried to run game, but it backfired.

I also ran into Carmen today at the strip club. I had Chocolate with me because she was bored and wanted to spend a little time with me. I told her I was on a hunt for new blood and I was goin to the strip club. She said fine…she is Bi-sexual anyway and couldn’t wait to go. I see Carmen first thing as I walk in the door. She is all smiles and gives me a hug and asks why I haven’t called her. I told her I tried to call her 2 times but her phone keeps sayin it’s disconnected. She said “Well you must be dialing the wrong number.” I was like “Yeah, whatever.”

I go to the bar and buy me and chocolate some drinks and we sit down. I just sit down and some big booty freak runs over to me and asks me did I appreciate her dance? I was like baby I didn’t even see your dance, I just got here. But I got something for you. I had 4 dollars in quarters that I was gonna give this Hoe, but as soon as she seen the change she got offended. She had a Bag for her money so it ain’t like she couldn’t cary the fuck’n change. I had them quarters to play pool, but the pool table was broke, so I was just gonna give this bytch the quarters. But she got funky about it so I was like “Fuck you too.” Imagine a hoe so uppity she wont take 4 dollaz worth in quarters. I’m sittin in this raggedy ass strip bar with 3 patrons in it and 4 dancers. I’m thinkin “Bytch u betta get every cent you can get.”

Carmen gets up and dances on the stage next. Chocolate is lookin at her hard like she wanna eat the pussy or sumth’n. I tell her to calm down…hahahhaa. Carmen gets done with the dance and comes over to my table beggin for a dollar. So I tip her a dollar. She then stands their lookin at me stoopid and tells me to put another dollar in her belt. I slam on the brakes real fast and tell her” I’m not on this Strip tease shyt in a bar, holla at me when you get off work and you can dance for me for some serious money in a more private atmosphere. But she wouldn’t take no for an answer. She still was pressin me about another dollar. I told her “No” and she walked off mad. I told her to “Come back and let me holla at you girl. She came back and I said “So you game to get some action tonight or what?” She tried to walk away again. So I spoke a little bit louder so she could hear me. I said “You down for some action or what!” She storms back to my table gett’n a bit loud with me, sayin I’m tryin to get her in touble and why am I speakin so loud. All I could think of was her at age 14 tryin to get me jammed up in some ho shyt. So I probably did subliminally yell some shyt out that could have got her fired, but fuck it, I don’t love that bytch anyway. Chocolate looks at me and says, I don’t like her, you want me to whoop her ass? I thought about it for a sec…. then I just smiled and said “No”’s all good.

Needless to say she probably wont be callin me no time soon. Fuck her.

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Journal log snippet.

13 July 04

Simone next to the Mack wagon when we use to be cool.

Simone next to the Mack wagon when we use to be cool.

Found out Chatty got evicted from her section 8 spot in N.L Village, now she stays in Parkside with her moms.

Anita Called and wanted me to dick her down today.

I’ve been lookin for Tia for the past month. The last time I talked to her she was on the verge of getting evicted from her spot. I told her to holla at me in about 2 weeks because I may have some work for her. I dropped her off over her moms crib across town with her 5 kids and I ain’t seen her since. The rumor is that Tia was stealin money and county checks from her friends, including her once main friend and partner, Alexxxis. I asked Alexxxis about the rumor and she said it was true. Alexxxis tells me that Tia is hiding out over her mommas house because, she knows that there are a couple of people lookin for her and want to whoop her ass.

Ice, Mz Vee and Chocolate called and wanted to serve daddy. I told em all that I’ll holla back at em later.

Tiffany called and is sweating me about some pix of her and Sparkle. I took her the pix about 10:30 and heard through her that the police was lookin for Simone and Sparkle. John called also and said Sparkle called and was begging him for money to get a hotel to hide out for the night. H e also learned that Vanilla Thrill a.k.a Crackhead Mary was picked up by the police and was questioning her about there alleged involvement in check cashing scams. John told Sparkle he could’nt fuck with her since she was possibly wanted for a felony and he was about to be aiding and abetting a potential felon.

This shyt just gets more looney by the minute.


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