Prison Game 2.


In this episode we discuss how it is best for you to always pay attention to the character of the people you work with and supervise in the prison. And you should not pay too much attention to what clothes or uniformes that they wear. Superficial surface assessments are for people who are not real game players in the world of power. Don’t be stupid it is always good to have allies on both sides of the fence. We discuss the soap opera atmosphere of who is fucking who in prison and we talk about how many black woman end up slaves to prison dick. We delve into the deadly art of goods and services and how it is used to turn straight men into cum buckets. And last but not least, we speak on thug culture and how many black woman have no idea that there man is involved in homosexual acts in prison. And we also explore my inner hidden gayness as we explore these taboo forbidden topics….LOL. (I’M NOT GAY!!!!!I SWEAR IT!!!!)

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Black on Black Crime: Baltimore Black Cop Style.


The media tricked you Niccaz again. They waited for you to riot about white cops killing Freddy Gray. Then once you showed your ass, they showed you the faces of the cops that were involved. You Niccaz gotta feel stupid. Typically you don’t care if a black cop pimp slaps a nicca. I say we should ignore black cop brutality like we ignore black on black crime. I also talk about That horrible show “The Prancing Elites.” I delve into my personal life and the woman I meet, and I speak on Trickin and Dating. Then I read off some Listener E-Mails. So enjoy a much more light heart entertaining podcast. One Love Playaz.

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Lose the Battle, win the War.


The genius is back speaking on the inability of the negro to understand and comprehend the art of war. The amazing simplemindedness of the negro to shun that which is good for him. I speak on how it is often best to have the strategic understanding of sacrifice to ultimately attain a greater good. The chaos of reckless breeding practices and the brain rot of mass media propaganda has left the Negro impotent. I also speak on the Xtian religion as a psyop to lead grown men down the road to bytchassness. The very concept of Jesus paying the price for your sins is the ultimate in cowardice. Listen and be deeply offended by my genius.

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