Krazy K and Nikki Facebook Floss’n.

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Krazy K Car Photos.


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Fright Night: A tale of unbridled Niggotry.

fright-nightI’m really waaaaay to old to still be dragged into stupid shyt. But every time my babies are around,I end up into something life threatening. In this episode I’m speaking on how Nish and Kay end up beefing with a parking lot full of angry drunk thugs. So how do I deal with this situation that took place right in front of my crib? How do I navigate this field of land mines between Kay and Nish and these drunk’n thugs? How do I come out on top with only my wits and my partner n crime Sidetrick John? A simple yet effective lesson in conflict resolution.

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Krazy K at park

See Krazy K’s scandalous trouble making azz inside the members area. Full layouts of x-rated photos, and cum swallowing videos.


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Krazy K episode! 8th of June 2004: The Joy Ride.

Before I was a PowerTrick, I was Mack’n hard on deeze freaks!


We just was buck wild back in 2004. We didn’t care about shyt bruh! We would get brain and fuck these chicks all out in the public parks and in downtown areas by the river. We was super ignorant back then. Krazy K didn’t give a fuck either as you can see.

What up, Pimps, Playas and Hustlas? The Big Dawg 3XL is back with another freaky Tale for my Peoples. Kayla the Bi-Polar Chick calls me up and wants to suck my dick and get fucked on some free shyt. I tell her I’m busy, call me back later. So she then calls up my cameraman who don’t mind trick’n off his money to these freaks and she tells him to come over to her crib. He goes over and drops off a 20 spot to ol girl just on some “Nice Guy” shyt. He didn’t get no pussy or no head he just tried to help her out. She calls me up again and begs me to come over so I can fuck her and just spend some time with her. Even though she screamin to me that it ain’t about the money, a playa like me knows betta. No matter what a female tells you in this game “IT’S ALWAYS ABOUT THE MONEY.” I tell her “Cool, I’ll be ovah in 20 minutes, but I ain’t tryin to fuck, and I ain’t got any cheese for you to eat either. I’m just shootin by to see how u doin.” She said “Cool, Daddy, don’t keep me wait’n too long, ok. I want to see you for real.”

So I get to her spot and she all ovah a Nicca talkin about how she wants me to come around more often and how she wishes I would stop tryin to throw the cameraman on her whenever she tries to get with me. I tell her “My Dawg is digg’n you. You know he likes his woman light and bright, he talks about you all the time girl. You should make him yo trick and get paid. She said she wants to trick him out but she said that the Nicca just repulses her and she don’t really want to touch him. And she only wants to fuck with me. I tell her I ain’t no trick type Nicca and you gonna miss payin some bills fuck’n wit me. She said that she knows how I roll, and she just wants me to come over and hit the pussy and say hi everynow and then. She swore up and down she wasn’t tryin to hustle me and get some cheese out a Nicca today, but she did say she was hungry and needed some money real bad to feed her kids. I told her I ain’t on no free shyt right now, but I can stop by later and we can get our freak on just like you requested. As a matter of fact I need some video footage and could use some outside night performances. I told her I would be back in 4 hours and I was bringing the cameraman. I said I need you to suck some dick and get fucked tonight, and my dude gonna want some of that ass. And I told her if I liked her performance I would hit her up with a little cheese. She grew excited and her eyes widened with joy.


I’m a little bit ashamed of my past actions when I was in my early thirties. I look at these past vids and think what a low life son of a bytch I was. My soul can’t even fathom doing this sort of shyt to a broad these days. I’m a different person now, but my bills gotta get paid, so the show must go on. Thusly I will post and use my past adventures no matter how grimy they are.

So check out our latest adventure with Kayla as we make her suck our dicks and fuck her in the public park at night. We even make her strip naked and masturbate in the back of my car while we cruise the city. Oh Yeah! and we got her piss’n by the river. Ya’ll think I’m playin with this Mack shyt? Join Now and see my other freaks. I’ll post Kaylas shyt in 7 days. But here is a video sample to tie you ovah. Join MackCity and see THE VIDEO inside soon!

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Krazy K’s first video: March 2004.


Babygirl had some good hot pussy. Made us skeet in minutes.


We had much fun man. We had our own little private freak show complete with lap dancing and suckin and fuckin.


Please ignore my homies ashy kneecaps. He got those while fuckin Krazy K doggystyle.


It’s now 2015, we did this video in 2004. This is a snapshot in time that has historical significance in the urban legend story of


I can’t stress how good this pussy was!


Krazy K is of Latin,Indian and Caucasian mix. We had some Gumbo pussy that night.

March 2004:

The Black Hoez been tryin to act like they runnin shyt the past couple weeks, so we said fuck dem hoez and let’s go play in some snow. We meet Kayla through our Bottom Bitch who goes by the name of Sparkle. They dance at the same strip club. The night we met Kayla she was whoopin another broads ass about improper lap dance procedures or some shyt. Read all about it in the members section. We get to her crib 3 days later and fuck her and leave jizz on her ass cheeks and stomach. This female ain’t no joke, she loves to fuck. She claims she dont suck dick though. But we bouts to change all dat shyt, ya’ll know how we get down at MackCity. Join Now and see how we Fat Niccaz get down wit deeze freaks.

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