Ben Fields: Zero Tolerance Ratchet Policy.

2015-10-28t22-34-04-966z--1Most of my Mackcity citizens is absolutely gonna hate this show. Me and Niggafucius give no quarter and have no mercy against the toxic levels of Niggotry that is destroying the Black community. Once again we look at the big picture, we never end up short sighted in the manipulation of theĀ useless eater class. Once again another story that is being hyped and used to divide white and black, citizen and cop. These stories only serve to make it easier to usher in absolute police state. Black and whites fight each other over these issues, and cops and citizens get at each others throats. The oligarchs seek to bring order out of chaos, but in order to do this, they must turn everything upside down. The child must rule over the parent, the woman must rule over the man. And the government must rule them all. Listen to this podcast and be utterly disgusted by our common sense and intellectual supremacy.

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Bugg’n Out!


Alot of dudes gonna be mad at me on this show. But ya’ll know me…I dont give two fux. This a short show that I’m doing to use up the last remaining upload space on my account. So I went ahead and just did some commentary on the recent police smear campaign to get Niggaz all emotional and cryin and shyt. And I’m speaking on Raven Symone’s thoughts on Ghetto names. My apologies to everybody who listens to my podcast who has a ghetto name. This podcast may get under ya skin a bit, but I call it like I see it man. Everybody with a ghetto name aint ghetto, but most of them are according to my life experience.

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