The Ratchet Filez 1 2 3 4.

Me and Tony update the Mackcity crew on our experiences with extreme ratchet behavior by our female freaks. Tony continues his story about the female who he has been trying to save from prison time and her own self destructive behavior. All podcast will be on youtube for the next 90 days. The traditional Podcast form that I usually use will be defunct for a while. I need to branch out into new multi-media sources for a while.

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Scared Straight 3: Frozen Toilet Paper!

frozentpThrowing out a show that is not knee deep in the Cosby quagmire. I touch a little bit on Cosby, the whole show is not dedicated to Cosby, I promise..LOL. These are the topics….Griff hates on Cosby. Michael Jai White simpn. Cortez E-Mail. Crackaz hate my Kung-Fu. Frozen Toilet Paper. Cognitive Dissonance. BLM Vs The Malitia. Economic Crash to be tied to Civil War.

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The pawns go first: Part 1


Smashing your idols into smithereens gawd dammit… dig?! Yes, we at it again, we can’t be stopped! The fat trick Niccaz is on a rampage! Peep the cover art and see what we spitt’n this week. We are the future, our time is now.

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Prison Game 2.


In this episode we discuss how it is best for you to always pay attention to the character of the people you work with and supervise in the prison. And you should not pay too much attention to what clothes or uniformes that they wear. Superficial surface assessments are for people who are not real game players in the world of power. Don’t be stupid it is always good to have allies on both sides of the fence. We discuss the soap opera atmosphere of who is fucking who in prison and we talk about how many black woman end up slaves to prison dick. We delve into the deadly art of goods and services and how it is used to turn straight men into cum buckets. And last but not least, we speak on thug culture and how many black woman have no idea that there man is involved in homosexual acts in prison. And we also explore my inner hidden gayness as we explore these taboo forbidden topics….LOL. (I’M NOT GAY!!!!!I SWEAR IT!!!!)

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Prison Game 1.



Through the years I have recieved questions about Prison and what goes on behind the locked doors. Since I have let it be known through alot of my podcast that I have worked in the prison system for at least a decade, people seek answers about the job. I use to be a Prison guard but these days it’s more politically correct to use the term Corrections Officer. People have asked about the pluses and minuses of working in the field and what have I learned in the joint that can be applied in the streets. In this 1st episode, I speak on the stress factor that kills most C.O’s. I talk about how prison actually can preserve your health and slow the aging process if you are incarcerated. I speak on how black inmates are there own worst enemy, and how you have to be firm,fair, and consistant when dealing with inmates. And how the firm,fair and consistant rule applies to woman. And last but not least when you supervise a block of killers, you gotta go into the block HARD, to let them know u mean bizness. You cant go in on no SOFT shyt and then try and harden your stance later.IT WONT WORK!. We also see how this rule applies to woman.

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Lose the Battle, win the War.


The genius is back speaking on the inability of the negro to understand and comprehend the art of war. The amazing simplemindedness of the negro to shun that which is good for him. I speak on how it is often best to have the strategic understanding of sacrifice to ultimately attain a greater good. The chaos of reckless breeding practices and the brain rot of mass media propaganda has left the Negro impotent. I also speak on the Xtian religion as a psyop to lead grown men down the road to bytchassness. The very concept of Jesus paying the price for your sins is the ultimate in cowardice. Listen and be deeply offended by my genius.

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Scared Straight 2


Giving you a glimpse into the mind of a strategic genius that many have attempted to best in battle, but have failed. I give more stories from the prison files to illustrate why I dont ever react out of emotional ignorance. My responses to stress and adversity are always calm, cool and collected. Never will you see me crying about racism, rebel flags or any of you dumb azz so called pro black muthafukkaz. I speak of an old ass racist geezer convict who called me Nigger to my face for weeks for fun. I also speak on how this same inmate came to my rescue and saved me from a fucked up situation. Peep the game I used to turn an enemy into an ally.

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