The pawns go first: Part 1


Smashing your idols into smithereens gawd dammit… dig?! Yes, we at it again, we can’t be stopped! The fat trick Niccaz is on a rampage! Peep the cover art and see what we spitt’n this week. We are the future, our time is now.

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The Witch Hunt of Bill Cosby.

bill-cosby-630x350xThe concept of innocent until proven guilty does not seem to apply to Bill Cosby. Bill Clinton, Brian Singer, Woody Allen, Roman Polanski and many other white entertainers,directors,producers and politicians didn’t seem to have to deal with this sort of heat when sexual misconduct allegations surfaced. The Negro populace seem all too willing to crucify their own heroes at the command of white media. It’s a bizarre world I live in, black is white, hot is cold and up is down. The good are bad and Bill Cosby is now a rapist even though he hasn’t been tried or convicted of any such crime. And of course the negro (who Cosby once tried to help) has now chosen to stab Bill in the back and aid in the destruction of an American Icon. If the court case delves out enough evidence that Bill Cosby is indeed guilty, then so be it. But until then, Bill will get the benefit of the doubt just like all of his white counterparts. Me and Tony will not waiver in this endeavour. In this podcast me and Tony continue our groundbreaking coverage of this travesty of justice. We speak on Cosby actually officially being charged for sexual assault. We speak on how Negroes are more supportive of R-Kelly than Bill Cosby and why this is the case. We also touch on Tamir Rice, Lebron James, The Freddie Gray mistrial and much much more. Happy New Year Playaz. Enjoy!

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Beer and Chicken: The truth about immigrant businesses in the black community.




In country A, a group of very affluent people in a country control the production or manufacturing of a natural resource. The people who control this resource export it to the west to corporations and companies at profit. This business enterprise is very lucrative for both the aforementioned foreigners and the american companies. However, as wealth grows through this enterprise, so does the greed of both the small affluent group and corporations. Suddenly, this small group and the corporations begin working even closer together until they begin to assert control over the country that the resource comes from. Because this country has not developed along political lines of the western world, the person who controls the military rules the country. He does so, usually with the blessing of the small group who controls the resources and their american corporate compadres.

Thus, an unholy trinity develops and begins to eat away at the prosperity, peace, and civility at the country. The Country’s ruler, the elite behind him and the american companies grow increasingly greedy. As a result, the ruler must rob from the country’s coffers to satisfy both his and the other two groups insatiable appetite for more. Stability begins to plummet and mass disturbances pock mark the land. Because there is no commitment to free speech, the ruler does the only thing he knows to quell dissent. He jails dissidents, tortures protesters and murders rival leaders. This causes the problem to spread until the army is used to carry out assassinations, the legal system is thoroughly corrupted, and people just start to disappear. The American companies sends their emissaries to try to silence the rebellion, but only succeed in making it worse. Through images of media and technology the world sees the brutality of the ruler but not those who support him.

Suddenly as the rebellion can no longer be contained, the now ex-ruler flees the country with vast amounts of money from the country’s banks and with the help of the country’s elite and contacts from their american buddies. This flight signals a change in who will own the resources of the country. A decision is made by the american companies to try to establish contact with the new ruler to continue access to the resources because the people who formerly controlled it are gone. What happened to these people? were they killed? imprisoned? HELL NO! Through the American embassy, they obtain passports and visas to come to the united states. This raises even more questions. What do you do with these people? how will they survive? where will they live? These questions are quickly answered as these people are absorbed into the American Military and Intelligence Complex.

Like ripe plums, they fall neatly into working, middle class communities across the country. But how will they make money? how will they feed their families? what happened to the vast wealth created as a result of their business relationships with American businesses while they were on their native soil? Some of them become consultants to american banking corporations and businesses. Others create local businesses in the city. However, these local businesses are not in their neighborhoods. It is possible that a large influx of foreign businesses in quiet suburban communities would create notable suspicion to say the least. Therefore, the location of the majority of these businesses must be somewhere least likely to cause the slightest apprehension. That area must have a cheap exploitable market. It must be an area where the foreigner does not have to worry about competition from an independent economic power base. Therefore, un-employment must be necessarily high, goods must be scarce and the area cannot contain families with a sustainable income (single -parent homes). Such would make sense because how else can you sell inferior products at superior prices and not disturb or raise an eyebrow? The above scenario can be applied to Jewish Resettlement after WWII, Iranian immigration after the overthrow of mossideigh, or the Cuban Adjustment Act and Operation MONGOOSE. The main point is that this scenario is created, supported and maintained by the American Tax-Payer.

Written by: Tony Dreamer.

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The Sandra Bland Case.


This show got posted late. I had some computer issues that stopped me from postin the show while the topic was still mostly a mystery. Most of the speculation has died down about what happened to Sandra. Most of the Conspiracy theories have been laid to rest. But of course Niccaz is gonna be Niccaz, and they refuse to admit that they were wrong all long about many of the facts of the case. But of course Genius level super mutants like me and Tony were right all along. When are these so called pro blacks gonna learn that they can’t fuck with us on any level? This is a no bells, no whistles edition. Nothing but straight knowledge being served right here. I didn’t have time to add all the extra shyt I usually throw in the mix. So once again enjoy this labor of love and anti-Niggotry. We out!

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Bill Cosby Update: No bells, No whistles edition.


Did a real quick show about this latest character assassination of Bill Cosby. I was just gettin sick and tired of Niccaz trashin the OG without any evidence at all. All Niccaz got is the words of some bitter bytchez with whores remorse. If somebody produces any solid proof that he actually raped these woman then I will change my tune. But there is no proof. All we hear about is some woman who willingly took pills from Cosby and had some sort of sexual encounter afterwords. The words of these woman is not proof! Me and Tony once again breakin shyt down and leaving other podcats to shame with our mind numbing blitzkrieg anaylses. I was in a rush to post this up so I didnt add my usual snippets of movie shorts or back ground music while we spit the Ism. Enjoy the greatness that has become the best kept secret on the web, MACKCITY.COM!!


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