The Ratchet Filez 1 2 3 4.

Me and Tony update the Mackcity crew on our experiences with extreme ratchet behavior by our female freaks. Tony continues his story about the female who he has been trying to save from prison time and her own self destructive behavior. All podcast will be on youtube for the next 90 days. The traditional Podcast form that I usually use will be defunct for a while. I need to branch out into new multi-media sources for a while.

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The Different Types of Pussy.


LAZY PUSSY – This is when there is no movement on the woman’s part
except trying to stop full thrust of the dick into the pussy. She
says faster, faster but still is not putting any effort into the
action at hand.

THE WENDY’S WINDOW PUSSY – This is the girl you pick up around
12:30a.m when everyone is sleeping and she knows that you are coming
so she is waiting by the door. You don’t have to beep the horn or
call her from the car cause she knows the deal. She usually is not
the best looking girl. You are never seen with this girl in public
places and you hate that she mentions your name to her friends.
There is no reason to ask how your day was because it is too late
for conversation. It is all agreed upon before she evens gets into
the car. Nine out of ten times, there is no talk of relationship,
because that might spoil the mood.

THE CONQUERED PUSSY – This is the girl who teased you for about two
or three years and finally you get your chance and you please the
pussy in a way it has never been pleased before. Now you have this
girl calling you and wondering when ya’ll can HOOK UP again. There
is no pussy better then THE CONQUERED PUSSY.

THE ALL INCLUSIVE PUSSY – This when you get all the benefits of sex.
The pussy is yours for the taking. Whether it is night or day, still
in her church dress type pussy. The pussy smells like roses even
after sex and tastes better than candy. Not only is the pussy yours
whenever or wherever you want it, she give you ALL the sexual favors
you can imagine. The head is tremendous, the kind that you write
your niggas in jail about and she can handle the dick when you hit
it from the back. To top it off, she is not scared to take it in the
ass. This is in close running with THE CONQUERED PUSSY for the best
pussy to ever get.

THE OUT OF TOWN PUSSY – This is the pussy you met on the last trip
you and the fellas took. She only keeps in touch via email and she
does not want a long distance relationship. She visits only at your
discretion and always comes alone but is willing to bring a friend.
She is number one when you go back to that city and only wants to
have lunch to catch up on missed conversation. THE OUT OF TOWN PUSSY
is necessary for the traveling single man.

THE FRUSTRATION PUSSY – This is the girl you call when you need to
let some loose. You decide to call her when your day at work is
miserable. You may even set this up before leaving work or on the
way home. The only reason for this activity to take place is to get
your mind off of other things. Afterwards you might think to
yourself and say why did I just do that. The girl who is receiving
the dick doesn’t mind cause she doesn’t get much action to begin

THE FREQUENT FLIER PUSSY – This is the girl you know is fucking
around, but you just don’t care. She has lubrications that are
halfway used already. She always has condom wrappers in her bathroom
trash and beer in the fridge. The only reason why you keep fucking
is because it’s good, she’s not bad looking and there could never be
a relationship. It has not been proven, but she could have fucked
one of the guys you use to go to school with. The pussy is not
loose, but it is not THE HANDS ON THE HIPS PUSSY. I’ll get to that

TIME TO GO PUSSY – This is the pussy that when the pants come off
her you can smell the nahh nahh! Fellas if this happens it is not
even worth the two bars of soap it will take to get rid of the
stench off your dick. This occurs with girls you bring home from the
club, so to avoid this, take a good whiff while in the car with her
or better yet invite her to take a shower with you.

THE TOO CLOSE FOR COMFORT PUSSY – This is the girl everyone expects
you to fuck. You haven’t touched her cause she either has a big
mouth, lives next door or is a close friend of the family’s
relative. There is also the chance that she is all three. She is
cute but you know the consequences. She continues to tease you with
the pussy and at any moment when the both of you are alone, she lets
you know she wants to fuck. The best thing to do is fuck her friend.

Last but not least………

THE HANDS ON THE HIPS PUSSY – This is the girl that you fucked only
one time cause she could not handle the dick. No matter the position
you tried, she complains that it hurts. Not only is she screaming
like you are murdering the woman, but she puts her hands on your
hips so that you can’t get your full stroke on. It’s like fucking
with half of your dick. She does not know the proper way to suck
dick so there is no pleasure there. and doggy style to her is just
Snoop’s first album.

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Dear Baby Daddy.


Dear Baby Daddy,

What’s up Cuz? Sorry we couldn’t meet under better circumstances, but never-the-less I’m hope’n we can keep shyt real civilized. I don’t know how you found the web site, but you can be assured that I have tried every way possible to keep ya girls bizness out the streets and protect her from undo mental stress at the hands of haters that may know her. I hope you ain’t clown’n ya girl too hard for fuck’n with me and get’n her hustle on. If she been fuck’n with me, it’s usually for a pretty good reason. She must of had bills to pay, and kids to cloth and feed. Now I ain’t tryin to get in ya bizness playa, but she told me that you were either unwilling or unable to keep a roof over her head and make sure them kids got clothed and fed. And all that is irrelevant to me dawg because I really don’t care why they fuck with me. The only thing that matters is that they “DO” fuck with me. And on the real, 90% of these females I run into ain’t even claim’n a MAN. So as far as I’m concerned, you never really existed.

I ain’t the type of Nicca that’s into disrespecting the next man, especially when it comes to get’n they woman involved. But there is no disrespect issue here bruh because I don’t know you. If I knew you then you might have a case against me, but it’s fruitless to get mad at me and run around town talk’n about what you gonna do when you see me. What the fuck you tripp’n on me for? You need to check ya broad if it’s all that deep to you. I’m a let you know playa that I don’t have time to be tryin to figure out which female I should or shouldn’t fuck with because they got an on and off again relationship with a Nicca. One day you love her, the next day you don’t. One day you live’n with her, the next day you shacked up with another bytch. One day you tell her to get out ya life and the next day you beg’n her to be by your side. Then when you leave her all alone and with no support, she calls a Nicca like me to get shyt right. Then you get wind of her get’n down on the web and now you wanna act crazy? Once again I can sympathize with you to a degree, it wouldn’t be easy for me to tolerate knowing that my girl was displayed on the world wide web doing thangs that you feel should only be done to you. If I seen my wife doing that shyt without my consent with some strange Niccaz, I would be hot too. But I couldn’t check the Nicca, the only person that would need to be checked is my female. That’s where the problem lies.

I gotta write this joint just to let you know that I ain’t try’n to clown you man, and I realize that this is a very fucked up situation for you. And I hope that you will be adult about the situation and not make a mountain out of a mole hill. If you are really stressed about this shyt then I’m open for some dialogue, and we may be able to come to some sort of agreement that is beneficial to all of us. The last thing I wanna do is fuck up a serious relationship. I have gotten to know most of my models very well and have become good friends, and I am always willing to do things in order to keep them out of harms way. I ain’t say’n or promising that I’m gonna remove her from the site because I paid them for work, and to remove them just because your mad at me, would make me a bytch. And I ain’t fear’n no man walk’n this planet. But it’s always possible that I will let her go if you make it worth my while. Just wanna make this clear to you that all the threats and juvenile behavior in the world won’t get you any play with me. So I hope that you choose a more reasonable path when trying to come at me. I’m just laying all the cards on the table man, and I’m telling you what to expect if you choose the thug approach. Now I ain’t billy bad ass, but I will mix it up with any Nicca if need be. And I won’t be play’n with this situation like it’s all fun and games either. I’m gonna be dead serious if you come at me wrong playa. I’m gonna treat this shyt like a life and death scenario, so approach with caution.

I don’t know what she told you about our relationship. And I don’t know if she is keep’n it 100% real with you man. Alot of these females start tell’n they Niccaz lies once the word is out about them and this web site. Some females tell folks that they didn’t know that the pictures and video would be posted on the internet in order to appear like a victim. If she tells you this shyt, she is lying to you dawg. Some chicks even go so far as to try and insinuate that they were forced to do this shyt. Well I got her on tape swearing that she in fact is doing this of her own free will. Whatever line she is feeding you to get you all riled and hyped up is just a ploy to use you and get you jammed up into some bullshyt. She knew what she was doing and was given every opportunity to back out.

Now she wanna use you as an instrument of justice I guess to get back at me for some shyt that was legit and mutually agreed upon. Now all of a sudden she is a victim and you are her knight in shining armor. Don’t let her use you dawg, don’t fall for the banana in the tail pipe. This shyt is typical when the female is faced with admitting to you that she has done this sort of work on the web. She would rather tell you a lie about how I tricked her and forced her into this shyt instead of just dealing with the situation truthfully. She would rather manipulate you into doing something rash rather than tell you the truth. It’s far easier for them to proclaim that I am the devil, than to look they man in the eye and own up to their own actions like a real woman would.

But maybe it’s the other way around? Maybe she is the cool head and you the one that’s tripp’n and don’t wanna let this shyt go. Maybe you feel like your manhood has been taken somehow and you wanna get at a Nicca. Now I’m hope’n you ain’t the type of dude that is dumb enough to kill ovah some pussy. Because when it’s all said and done, you will do time behind bars for the rest of your life locked away from the very thing you killed for. You couldn’t be that stupid could you? Or maybe the situation won’t go as planned and you end up being the one deceased. And all this for what? All because you have’n a temper tantrum over some pussy? Don’t act like a fuck’n sucka, be a man about this shyt and understand that if you was really her man, she would of never had to fuck with me from the start. Now you wanna step in and be her man after you was missing in action? I got tolerance for alot of shyt, but I ain’t got tolerance for Niccaz that’s on some sucka shyt. And anytime you trying to check some Nicca about what your bytch is doing, you are on some Ho ass shyt. Now hopefully this will not apply to you, and hopefully you got some sense and you see the wisdom in just let’n this shyt ride and move on with your life.

Now understand bruh, that this ain’t no challenge to you. I ain’t the type Nicca that looks for trouble, in fact I run from trouble on a regular basis. I got big thangs to do in my life and I ain’t got time to play Boyz-n-the-Hood with simple ass Niccaz. Nicca like me can’t get rich if I’m running in and out of jail and prison for attempted murder or assault charges. So I’m down to squash all beef quick fast so I can concentrate on get’n my money. Just tell’n you that I ain’t so cold that I won’t consider some middle ground with you and ya lady friend. And also let’n you know that the more I deal with this shyt, the shorter my fuse gets when deal’n with situations like this. So Nicca I’m asking you Nicely, don’t come at me on some Superman shyt. Let’s keep this shyt real adult-like and the odds of you get’n what you want will be greatly increased.

Stay sucka free.


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Dear Project Chick.



I knew this day would come and I’m sad to see you flip on me like this. When you had no one to turn to for help with your rent, who did you call? When no one would help feed you and your kids, who did you call? When you needed a ride back and forth across town for what ever reason, who did you call? When you just wanted someone to talk to and have listen to your thoughts, who did you call? I’ll tell you who you called. You fuck’n called me. Nobody seemed to give a fuck about you then and we both know it. That’s why I am very surprised to see you scream for my blood in such a vicious fashion.

When you kept call’n me wanting to do model gigs, did I twist your arm to do this shyt? Did I ever call you and ask you to get down on my site? No I never did, you always called me. So now I’m absolutely fuck’n amazed that you would have the nerve to be pissed at me now that a couple of local Niccaz has found the site and would bring it to your attention. You acting like I put a gun to your head and made you do this shyt. But like I said before, I never called you and asked you to do a gawd damn thang. You always called me, and I called myself being a good guy by put’n you 1st on my list to get work. Now this is how you repay me after all the good I have done for you? Now you pissed at me because some local punk muthafukkaz is harassing you?

Let me ask you this, what the fuck did you think would happen if someone found you naked on the world wide web? Did you expect a Nobel peace prize? Did you expect Niccaz to ignore it? Everything was everything as long as I put that money in your hand and no one knew why you was get’n paid like I was pay’n you. It was all good when you always had your emergency back up plan (me) on standby just in case you needed a quick come up. We didn’t have no problems as long as you seen that money hit your pockets and no one knew ya bizz. But now somehow and someway the cat is out the bag and you looking for someone to blame for your so-called embarrassment. So now I have become the fuck’n bad guy when once upon a time I was your big brother/savior. How did this happen?

Well let me break this shyt down to you real simple baby, because I ain’t got time to play this bullshyt game. You knew the consequences and repercussions of your actions the day you signed the model release. You rolled the dice and crapped out. You gambled on being lucky enough to keep this shyt low key forever, but you wasn’t so lucky. Now here you come with malice and contempt in your heart for me. When I was the only Nicca that gave a fuck about you once upon a time. Now you say’n that everything I did for you wasn’t shyt. You say’n that the efforts I made to help you wasn’t all that. Well if it wasn’t all that why did you continually keep call’n and fuck’n with me then? If my help amounted to nothing why was my fuck’n number on speed dial?

But maybe you one of those ladies that never called me and maybe did one or two sessions with a Nicca, you don’t have any room to bytch either. I kept ya’ll out of harms way for years. I kept my secrets and didn’t tell not one Nicca about you and ya bizz, and I still haven’t. Bottom line is your not gonna flip on me and make me out to be the fuck’n villain when you was gobblin up all my money and then would spend it on dumb shyt like liquor, weed or would give it to some thug Nicca just because he was fuck’n you right. Now you don’t have shyt to show for the work you done and now you pissed at me?

I could be make’n money many more ways with the video and pictures that I have of you. But I chose not to so that I may minimize the risk of you get’n exposed and embarrassed. I have passed up pretty good money making opportunities in order to keep you all safe and secure. But I have always known that you would never be completely safe. I have always known that there is no sure fire way to keep this under wraps. I tried everything in my power to keep you on DL status, now you approaching me like I maliciously did something to you. This is what I advise you to do if you are one of them females that feels the need to act a fuck’n ass. I suggest that you chill the fuck out and act like you got some sense or you are gonna see a Nicca get malicious. How would you like video tapes to be sold and distributed locally with you on it? Think about that. Video sold in your own hometown of you doing porn! Now that is malicious! A Nicca could make big money selling video of local girls get’n buck wild. But I don’t do shyt like that because that would be foul. And I told every one of you ladies that I would never distribute anything locally as to put any of you in a bad situation. Do you know how rare that is? Do you know most Niccaz would just tell you to fuck off and that they will do whatever they wanna do with the material you just signed over to them?

So I’m already losing out on big money since I ain’t promoting locally. In fact I’m losing out on loot because I don’t even sell DVD’s or Video at all. And I purposely did that as a favor to you ladies to try and minimize the chance of you being viewed in DVD or Video format in the local area. I never want to see you in a situation where a video is being circulated in the same city in which you live. I have done more than enough to minimize your risk of being exposed, so my conscious is clear. But the odds are that you ain’t tryin to hear a word I’m saying. The odds are that you are so blinded by your emotions that logic and reason is a million miles away from you at this point. Your probably planning some irrational dumb shyt as we speak. But let this be a warning to you Ms. Thang. If you fuck with this Bull, you gonna get the Horns.

Don’t fuck’n play with this Nicca babygirl, it ain’t worth the shyt I could do to you. Like I said earlier, I can make you real famous, real fast in the city. You’ll be a household name and the topic of discussion at everybody’s dinner table once a couple of hundred DVD’s and Tapes get sold in your own backyard. Then you’ll see real trial and tribulation. Maybe then you’ll see and appreciate my prior efforts to deal justly with you? But maybe I gotta go all out and be an asshole before you can see that I don’t deserve the horseshyt you bringing to me. Your best bet is to act like you got some sense when you call me and question me about this situation. Really there should be no discussion because you knew what was up from the jump. Now you wanna change the rules of the game while the ball is in play? Me and you started out in this shyt cool in the game and we should remain that way. But that is all up to you. Don’t think for one minute I’m gonna pay you for work and then when some shyt hits the fan and you get inconvenienced, that you can demand to be removed from my shyt.

Now let me tell you what is gonna happen. You are gonna just accept the fact that you have been found out. You are just gonna have to fuck’n face reality and realize that the jig is up. Don’t try and back out the contract and agreement now. You wasn’t pissed off when I put that green in your hand, so you shouldn’t be pissed off now. Now If you really sweat’n bullets about this situation, I may consider removing you from the site for a small fee. It really all depends how you come at a Nicca. Don’t make the mistake of trying to clown me, especially when I have gone to such lengths to try and keep you out the mix. You start tripp’n on me and I’m gonna take that shyt personal. And you don’t wanna do that, trust me.


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