Image is everything.


Kaira: Watch her sex videos in the members area.

Kaira: Watch her sex videos in the members area.



Choose an Image/Develope and Guard your Reputation.

I touched on this in a previous essay, and most cats often overlook this important step. You should make yourself stand out from the crowd, you should develop a steady and consistent image that people can see and hold on too. Your image shouldn’t be fake, it should reflect the realest part of you. Remember if your gonna be dealing with woman, it’s important to be as REAL as possible. Woman can see through a fake nicca a mile away.

When ever your on the scene always try and have something that seperates you from the average hard leg Nicca. Have a quality or an attribute that most Niccas don’t have. And once you find that one thing that you think the females are drawn too, cultivate, master and hone it into a razor sharp edge to make your game deadly.

As I stated before in a previous essay, I chose the “Nice Guy” or “Big Brother” type image or approach. This image didn’t take any effort to cultivate or develop because it was ME to begin with. I looked in the Mirror one day and had to seriously ask myself some questions. I said if I was a female would I look at myself as a sexy fine muthafukka that made my pussy wet? Would I want to fuck me if I seen myself in a club? The answers had to be real and bullshyt free in order to get this Mack Shyt workin right. I concluded that I wasn’t very sexy physically. I didn’t have alot of charisma and animal magnetism to initially attract and keep the ladies interested. I knew that out of all the females I have boned it was always after I had established a friendship and trust was created. I had never had a one night stand. I seen that I always did the most damage when I was allowed to spend time with a female and let her get a taste of this school boy charm. I knew that I was a slow worker and always needed time to accomplish the goal of conquering the female mind. Part of this reason was because the woman didn’t know who I was, she had nothing to go on. She had no information on what made me tick. She was forced to start with a blank sheet of paper. And this always made things slow for me.

But if you have a WELL ESTABLISHED REPUTATION, your work becomes much easier and you work much faster. Your Image and your Reputation are the foundation of your work. If your a fine, sexy ginuine type Nicca that gets pussy thrown at you within seconds of meeting a female, then you can skip the Nice Guy shyt. If your known for knockn a bytch upside the head or just known in the hood for kickn muthafukkaz asses at the drop of a hat, then the Nice Guy routine ain’t really necessay. Macks can get the same effect with differant types of images. The casanova Mack get’s his manipulation power with his stunning good looks, not to much game playin is necessary to get what he wants. The Gorilla Pimp gets what he wants through shear intimidation.

My Reputation precedes me everywhere I go and does all the work for me. I don’t have to say shyt to anyone about anything now-a-days. If I’m somewhere in the projects I often get females to come at me and holla about gett’n on my time. I turn alot away due to most of em don’t have I.D and some are just to fucked up on the physical tip. But they often know my reputation for being fair and compassionate. They know I often help them out when no one else will. They know that if they are are on their last leg, I step in to support them so that they don’t crash and burn. They all know about the money I gave this girl or that girl. They all know about the electric bill I paid or the car ride a gave to such and such to her job interview. The great thing about this is that you may do things for a female but by the time your deed gets back to you, it has been exaggerated and blown up one million times. If you gave a broad 50 dollaz to pay a phone bill, the next time you hear about your deed through other people, that 50 dollaz has turned into 200 dollaz. If you gave a female a ride to the grocery store that story somehow gets twisted and now the story is that you gave her a ride and bought all her food. Bottom line is these females are going to naturally Lie and hype up the shyt you do for them to make them look good in front of their friends. They have to justify the reason why they do what they do for me on video. So they will blow all kinds of shyt out of proportion that I do for them to look like they are livin the good life through me. You know your rep has been established when people speak of you often and your not in their presence. I often here about what this or that female said about me on a particular day. My Reputation is based upon Generosity and Honesty and I make sure that no one tries to destroy or taint that.

 If you want an image that the females really dig then it’s always a must to have good hygiene. ALWAYS BE FUCK’N CLEAN!!! ALWAYS HAVE YOUR CAR CLEAN INSIDE AND OUT!!! Everything about you has to scream order and security. A dirty Nicca with a Dirty Ride only tells a female that “This Nicca is lazy and he can’t take care of himself or his own shyt, how is he gonna take care of or help me?” Never be seen too often, when you step on the scene stay just long enough to take care of business and then break out and leave without even seeing bye. This is some Batman/Bruce Wayne or Superman/Clark Kent shyt. Doing this builds mystery and intrigue. Avoid becoming common or too accessible. You wanna be like Gold, rare and hard to find. Let them otha Niccaz be all in a females face 24/7. When the end of the day comes and they are about to lay down in their beds, the ladies will be thinking about you, not the Nicca that’s in her face all day. Just think about anything in your life that you ever wanted real bad. The only reason you ever want something is because YOU DON’T HAVE IT! So you have to use that same principle when dealing with your image. Don’t allow the female to possess you or figure you out. Once she feels that she has solved the mystery of who you are and what your about, your hold over her will disappear.

 A distinct and identifiable image will take you a long way fast. I don’t dress fancy I pull up in a sweat top and sweat bottoms, or some basketball shorts. I wear mostly Black and Grey. My gym shoes are always white and clean and I wear a long silver necklace. My car is always clean and it always smells good when they get in. When ever she leaves you to go back to her environment she has to notice the transition. When she is with me she has money, food, her environment smells good, things are clean and she feels excited and secure. When she leaves she must feel the opposite. If your reputation is well established and your image is strong, you will have to do little work. Your reputation and Image will do it for you. The reputation and image is given life by other people. And as funny as its sounds the less people see of you and the less your around once the reputation has taken root, the stronger it becomes. If your around the people you wish to astound with your reputation all day, it will become weak and fizzle. Just think about the scariest movie you ever seen in your life. Was it the movie that showed the killer in the first 2 minutes of the movie? Or was it the movie that never showed the killer and you were forced to conjure up an image of the killer in your mind? Well it’s the same concept with your reputation and image. You let other people fill in the blanks, don’t volunteer any information let them do all the work in their head. They will do a better job to hype you up more than you ever could.

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Speak through others.


Kaira: Some good dime piece pussy.

Kaira: Some good dime piece pussy.


Since I’m all about the power and control game I do alot of shyt to try and magnify my glory. There are so many things one can do to make people ride your nut sack. And most of these things are very subtle and minor. Which brings me too today’s Mack Commandment and Lesson to be learned. “SPEAK THROUGH OTHERS”.

I have always been a crazed maniac for the Gangster Movie genres. I used to love it when a couple of Italian enforcer type thugs would walk up to some poor sap and take his ass into a dark alley and tell him ” Why haven’t you paid Mr. Big? He sent us to collect what you owe him, if you don’t have it, he says we gotta break both ya legs.” Hhahahha, I love that shyt. I love the notion of havin my hands clean and havin little messengers all ovah the place to speak for me to others who ain’t worth my time. That’s the ultimate fuck’n power play man. Just thinking about the psychology of it, makes my balls tingle. I mean here you are minding your own business and out the blue some Nicca comes to you and says ” There is someone who would like to meet you and discuss some business, are you available anytime soon?” It don’t matter what the situation is or who the messenger is. All you’ll be thinking is “Who the fuck wants to see and speak with me? Who is this person? What do they want?” A muthafukka will worry themselves to death over this shyt. Humans instinctively fear the unknown and Fear and respect are oddly tantamount to the same thing. Like I said humans always fill in the blanks when not given enough information and they often create monsters out of thin air do to fear of the unknown.

I use this ploy alot with people especially the models. I often get my sidetrick Nicca to go holla at a female on my behalf. That shyt is the ultimate way to make a first impression. A female will always remember this initial encounter. The intrigue, the mystery, the anxiety! Oh my! If you wanna put your best power foot forward this is the best way to get it done. If I’m in a strip club with my Nicca John and I see a stripper that I think will be receptive to my offer. I don’t go over and say shyt to her. Either I wait for her to come to me or I send my sidetrick. If she comes over and wants us to tip her or pay for her dance, I let John do it and I ignore her and just get up and leave. I’ll say some shyt like I’m gonna go get a drink or I’m goin to the bathroom. I show the female that I’m not pressed or even thinking about their tired ass. You gotta show em that they are worthless in a subliminal way.

 While I’m gone John will hit her with the sales pitch and he will tell her that if she is down with this action we will be in touch. Right now she is sayin to herself “We?” At this time she don’t know jack shyt about us. She don’t know who is the boss of who. She probably has an idea just from the way I just ignored her and went about my bizz. Sometimes John will come right out and tell the female that the Nicca that just got up and walked away is the head of the operation. It really doesn’t matter if she knows at this moment or not. The whole idea is just to weave a web of intrigue and mystery for the female. Later on if she calls me I will know if the shyt has her hooked or not. Remember that woman read those damn romance novels and when some shyt like this happens to them, it’s like living a fantasy. It’s like being taken away from the boring ho-hum drum life and being thrust into Nirvana. Why you think females kling to them bad boy type Niccaz? It’s all about excitement and danger. And as corny as it may seem, not speaking to a female and having another Nicca speak for you rings their bell.

I hardly ever call these females. Either they call me or I have John call them. I issue out the decree and have John carry out the summons to the female. This shyt solidifies in their head that I’m the Boss and that they are the employee. In this game you have to make sure everybody knows they role. I’m not a daddy figure, I’m more like a big brother to most of em. I’m there for em rain or shine. But they got to follow the rules of my organization or they gets no love. If they call me it’s usually a last resort situation. They almost always call the sidetrick first. They try and game or fleece him for what ever they need and if he don’t bite they call me or John will call and say such and such wants to get some work. I tell him to call her back and lay down the law and tell her what is needed if we gonna employ her.

And if you ever have bad news to tell a female it is ALWAYS best to send it through someone else. If I have to cancel a shoot with a female, I will often times tell John to call her and tell her that we can’t make the shoot on this day. You always want to keep your hands clean as much as possible. Even though it’s comin from you through another mouthpiece. The female will still equate that person who carries the message as bad or something to be loathed and avoided. You know how cats is always talk’n about what they did to the “Bearer’s of Bad news” back in the dark ages. Yeah that’s right…they got they heads chopped off. You always want to make sure that your image is that of positivity. When a female hears your name she has to think good thoughts playa. If you repeatedly directly feed her bad news, she will avoid you and move on. You always want the next man to deal with the backlash of giving out bad news. Everything that comes out your mouth to a female should always be optimistic and full of hope. This dream that you sell is all they want to experience anyway. When you go on a road trip to a vacation spot, half the fun of reaching ones destination is the ROAD TRIP. The journey itself is really what they desire. They want to experience the adventure to the destination. The destination is just the icing on the cake.

I do this alot and I’m tellin ya’ll that the shyt works with my situation. Everything I’m spitt’n at you is tried, tested and true. Remember once again that you wanna excite her and make her feel vulnerable and this is a technique you can use right off the bat to get her juices flowin. So go get a best friend who don’t mind playin a lackey for a night and try it out. You don’t have to be out tryin to recruit strippers for a web site. Maybe you just tryin to get some pussy for the night. You and ya dude alternate the role at different clubs and see how it works for you. I mean for real playa, how many brothers step to females in this fashion? You wanna stand out and be distinguished from the other riff raff right. Well here is a technique that you can start with. This technique has been done in bars for centuries though, ya’ll may not recognize it but I see it all the time. It’s when a man buys a drink for a female and has the bartender or waitress deliver it to her. It’s the same premise just watered down. Maybe you should try the watered down version first before you try the full fledged technique. I ain’t gonna lie, you can end up lookin like a total ass if you don’t have the sense to properly utilize this shyt. Ya’ll be walkin around the club lookin like 2 James Bond wanna be secret agent Niccaz…hahha.

Good Luck  and Happy Hunting.

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My thoughts on getting play 2.

Snow bunny Amanda

Snow bunny Amanda


In my previous “How to get pussy” essay we talked about spitt’n game or how to have a female take notice of you just by your conversation. I can’t stress how important it is for you fellaz to pay attention to the appeal of words and conversation  for woman. A woman’s mind is geared to absorb and words like oxygen. A woman’s whole essence thrives and craves good conversation. If you can become a man with a good mouth piece you have this battle 75% won.

But in this part 2 essay we wanna discuss what to do to KEEP the pussy or intrigue the pussy. If there is one ultimate lesson that I have learned in my travels in the projects, if there is one universal truth in dealing with the Project chick, that truth would be this. NICE GUYS FINISH LAST. These females don’t give a fuck about a sensitive man. They can’t respect a man who believes in a 50/50 relationship. The quickest way to make a P.C lose interest in you, is to expose yourself to be a nice, sensitive and respectful guy. They don’t see these attributes as assets. They see them as liabilities. Their whole life and environment has trained them to respect and admire rough, rugged and raw type Niccaz. Now you comin in and wanna play Mr.Rogers? No, No playa you can’t be Mr. Rogers, you gonna have to be more like Mr.T.

The female mind is always looking for that which makes her feel like a woman. How does a woman know herself, or know that she is a woman? She can only know this through a contrast in what she sees outside of herself. She has to have something to compare herself to in order to make sure that her womanly feelings and needs are met. It’s really basic playaz, so follow my line of reasoning. In the Project Chick’s world things are real simple. Men are supposed to be Tough, woman are supposed to be less tough. Men are supposed to run shyt, woman are not. In short in order to appeal to most woman no matter what their economic level but especially the project chick, all you have to do is be more of a man than the woman is. hahhaha. I know that sounds funny, but that’s real. I know females who have men that they can run into the ground. I know woman who punk their men and tell there man what to do. These woman constantly play on and disrespect these men for one reason. They are actually hoping that one day the Nicca will grow some balls and put her ass in check.

A woman don’t want a man she can run. A woman can’t settle down with a Nicca that has more pussy between his legs than she does. To do that would rob her of her woman hood. Like I said previously up above, a woman wants to FEEL like a woman. How she gonna feel like a woman with a Nicca in front of her who is wearing a skirt instead of the gawd damn pants. The only way her pussy will get wet and her womanly needs met is if she has a man in front of her, that is a MAN. A Man to these chicks is a brotha who don’t give a fuck about their feelings. He don’t let no woman run or dictate shyt. He cannot be controlled or played. He has to be in Power and the one holding all the cards. The minute you give a female power over you, you will lose her. Because now you have become a woman in her mind, and she can’t be happy with a weak man because she is the one who is supposed to be the weaker of the two. Now she ceases to have the womanly, tingly feel in that pussy when ever she sees you because the contrast has been eliminated. There is no longer that thing outside of herself that let’s her explore and know her soft and feminine nature, because you have opted to play the punk role and let her rule you. In order for her to truly know herself, she must have the rough, the rugged, the raw brotha in her presence to make her feel the way she wants to feel. So in essence you have to be a fucking jerk.

Don’t listen to these females that’s tellin you that what I’m sayin is bullshyt, these females say one thing but live life totally contrary to what they say they want. I wish I had a dolla for every female that told me my line of reasoning was ridiculous and I turn around and see she got a Nicca 3 times worse than I am, totally mentally and physically abusing her. This modern day industrialized society has bytches and Niccaz minds all twisted. A woman’s needs are purely biological and have been nurtured through thousands of years of evolution. It has always been a woman’s need to find a man who can protect her and her offspring. Before cell phones, and cable t.v, or our so called modern age. People lived in tribes that hunted and lived amongst the hazards of mother nature. A man had to be able to hunt, and defend his clan from predators and other tribes roaming the land that would seek to attack, steal and kill his people. A man had to be a warrior and hunter. And woman subconsciously seek to find warrior/hunters today. A woman’s body only wants the strongest genetics to go into making her brood, to ensure that her offspring will survive. This is why project females crave the thug mentality, they see the thug as a warrior/hunter that has the genetics to ensure that her offspring will survive. They see the thug as one who can defend her and her children if need be. Why don’t most woman gravitate towards the Harvard grad but they end up swooning over the Bad Boy who just got out of Jail? It’s simple biology. The female only wants the strongest genetics to ensure that her offspring will be resilient and survive. Her womanly instincts care nothing about G.P.A’s. Woman are hard wired to seek and find physically imposing warrior/hunters to mate with for protection of her and her children. She wants him so he can contribute his genetics into making her children strong in order to survive in a given environment. So basically they want a tough guy. So you gotta be tougher and more of a asshole than her. And I’m about to give you some ways to show her and let her know that she ain’t shyt and won’t be shyt until you get ready to make her into shyt, ya dig? I know this sounds harsh and like it’s abuse, but the ironic thing is that you’ll make her happier in the long run while being in Asshole mode rather than Nice guy mode. Just watch and see what I’m talkin about, the bigger an asshole you are the more she will kling to you and love you. The minute you go soft and Nice, she will lose interest and will dump you like a used tampon. I also must stress that I am not advocating PHYSICAL abuse of woman. This is a “Gorilla PIMP” free zone. Gorilla Pimp’n ain’t necessary to those with an airtight game. So let’s get started on viewing some of my favorite techniques.

1.Avoid letting them think they are special. Always imply that they can be replaced quickfast.

Have you ever heard of the phrase “Treat a queen like a whore and a whore like a queen.”? Well somewhere I heard an even better version of this truism a couple years back. It goes like this ” Treat a queen like a whore, but never let her forget she is a queen. Treat a whore like a queen but never let her forget she is still a whore.” This does two things, it allows you to be a mystery to her. Your behavior being so erratic and unpredictable will have her hooked to you. The act of treating a good woman like a piece of trash and a trashy woman like gold will intrigue both types of woman. But in order for this to work you have to never let these two types of woman forget what they still truly are. The trashy woman must know still down in her soul that she is still trash, but you must have the power to periodically pull her from the muck and wash her off and make her golden, but she must never forget that she is only golden because of you. The Queen must be dragged through the mud and brought down to earth in order to work your Mack magic. But she must always know deep down that she is still a queen and that you alone have the power to make her feel like trash whenever you so choose.

You must make them know and understand that they are only special because of you and without you they are nothing. You have to make it so that they will fear losing you and thusly lose any feeling of being special once you leave them or replace them. They must always notice how safe, secure and well off they are when you are around. Or the opposite is true. They must feel apprehension, pain and uncertainty when ever around you. The key is to just never allow them to figure you out. The more of a mystery you remain, the stronger your hold on them will be.

2.Avoid hanging with Niccaz that have more game than you.

This might sound like some punk shyt, but it’s just common sense. You can’t travel with too many Male Lions in a search for a Pride of  Female Lionesses. If this happens you are in danger of having your Bid for power usurped and snatched away. Male Lions roam the plains of Africa in search of a group of female Lions to impregnate and to become the Ruler and Leader of that Pride. If one Lion finds a group of females but there is already a male present then they will fight to the death at times for ruler ship of that Pride. Only the strongest Lion gets the right to mate with all the females to carry on his stronger genetic material. You want to roll solo and seek the path of least resistance. To roam with a pack of Macks decreases your chances of ruler ship. And if your in this game, your gonna find out that there is no room for number 2. Nobody gives a fuck about who came in second place. Nobody wants to see Robin, muthafukkaz want to see Batman. Rollin with a couple of slick Niccaz could turn you into Robin unknowingly. But if you would have rolled by yourself and didn’t have other game spitters distracting your female prey, you would be Batman playa. So choose wisely the company you keep.

3.Don’t call them.

The main thing I always hear from females about what irritates them about a Nicca, is the fact that brothas is always on the phone callin and sweat’n a bytch. Females like conversation but they don’t like you to sweat them. When you do that you are tellin them that you are powerless and that the female is powerful. A female looks for and responds to the man who don’t call them at all. This flips the script and makes you the one with the power. This tells them several things about you if you don’t bother to call them back. It says that you don’t think they are that important enough to even bother callin back. It tells them that you must have many female options to choose from since you not so quick to jump on her tits and sweat her. This all translates into you a Nicca that other females obviously want, and you must have many females on your dick to just totally blow off and ignore a bytch like that. This will intrigue and excite the female more so than you callin her 2 or 3 times a day. When you bug a female it screams of desperation. She is thinking to herself “Nobody must want to even fuck with this Nicca, if he spends all his time callin me. He obviously has very little options.” This will turn a bytch off quick. All females want is a prize when it comes to a man. They want a Nicca that other woman want. If she suspects that you don’t have any bytches chase’n you then she really wont be interested. You need to be a status symbol to her, when other females see her Nicca they want other bytches to be envious. And you sitt’n at home all day callin her day in and day out tells her the contrary. So don’t bother callin em, let them call you. Or at least make em wait a couple days between phone calls. Trust me on this one, calm the fuck down and stay away from the phone.

4.Don’t answer your phone, or return calls when they leave messages on your voicmail. Make em wait.

But in the event a female does call you, you still need to exercise discretion. Avoid picking up the phone every time they call. This can be seen as desperation and lameness also. It screams to a female that you have too much time on your hands. It tells them that you are not busy and you have nothing going on. The act of always answering your phone lets them know that you are in fact waiting and anticipating their call and you deem their call important enough to always answer it. Wrong Move! You don’t want them to think that you are just sittin somewhere with your phone on your hip anticipating her call. This is weak, weak and more weak. You need to let them calls they throwin at you flip over to voicemail and get back with them later. This shows that you are out and about and you are obviously to busy to fuck with her. Now she thinking to herself: “What is he doing? Where is he at? Who is he with?” This adds clout and value to you.

And when a voicemail is left don’t return the call that day. You make her wait for your call for at least 24 hours. Once again you make it known that your a busy and wanted man and you have to divide your time up carefully among alot of females. She will see that you are wanted and needed by other females and once again this alone makes her want to possess you.

5.Be Late

This is another move that shows how inconsiderate and how big of an asshole you are. Remember the whole idea is to just make them understand that the world don’t revolve around them. You trying to show that you don’t give a damn about any shyt they stress’n. It’s just a simple power play, you always want to make them wait for you. It should never be the other way around. This technique drives bytches crazy. If your being consistent with your Mack skillz, it will pay off dividends.

6.Don’t be too easy to find or accessible.

If they want you to come over they crib, tell em you busy. If they want a ride, tell em you can’t do it right now. Once again your tellin this Chick that you got other thangs to do and other people to see and she is not a priority. Her needs come second to your needs, she will respect you and salivate at the possibility of breaking you down in order to see if she can make her needs a paramount over yours. She is testing the waters to see how strong your Mack Hand is, that’s all. When they do all that whine’n and beggi’n and askin shyt they just seein how much they can get away with and also want to see if you have the balls to put your foot down.

7.If you are on the scene, disappear without sayin bye.

Here is another rude way of showin who is the boss. If you just so happen to be ovah a freaks crib, dip out without sayin bye. I usually do this if she has company and I’m not taking priority over her other guests. I usually just dip the fuck out and be about my way. I don’t fuck around with chicks callin me over to mingle with a bunch of otha Niccaz I don’t know. I don’t roll like that. So i’ll often dip on a bytch when she ain’t lookin and be on my way. You showin that you didn’t think enough of her to even say bye, and your also sayin to her that her place wasn’t worth your time. Later I’m gettin phone calls and messages from the freak askin me why I left. You always want to keep them guessing and wondering about you. Never let them figure you out. It’s the fact that they can’t comprehend you that makes them want to be in your world.

8.If seen ride’n around a project area where many females reside. always have a sharp lookin female in the passenger seat.

Make it a point to be seen with the flyest bytches you can get your hands on. Just a simple exercise in envy. I found that men are wanted more when a female knows that other females want or are being drawn to you. So use this to your advantage. Make it known that the ladies love your company.

9.Be clean and dress in a descent manner.

I know some dirty Niccaz that still have Mack Power and they get freaks every now and then. But I stop to wonder how much tighter their game might be if they just tried to wash their ass. Yes it is possible to be a Dirty Mack. I have seen it with my own eyes, but you don’t want to be that way do you? Please wash your ass.

I keep my dress real simple, nothing flashy. My priority is to avoid getting robbed so I don’t dress in gators and silks and all that kinds of shyt. I wear what I like to call ” Scrap wear”. It’s clothing that you can get yo scrap on in. I wear boots, gym shoes, jeans, sweats, hoodies and t-shirts. But I wash my ass on a regular basis, and a Nicca is always smellin good. It seems kind of boring but it fits my image. The shyt I wear is like a trademark. Females have grown accustomed to my Hooded sweat tops, jeans and silver chain. I have grown into that persona and It’s what they expect.

10.Don’t be so quick to give up your money, but in the event you feel like trick’n, do it in the company of many females. Hit at least one of them with a 20,50 or 100 dolla bill and tell her it’s for good behavior.

The short cut to Mack status lies in using Trick techniques to accelerate your game. Use Trick tactics wisely. I have already expounded upon the whole PIMP/TRICK illusions and paradigm for you playaz. Just remember that money is power and if you want certain people to know that you are indeed make’n moves and gett’n that money then you need to throw some money around. Like I said use this tactic wisely.

You ever train a dog to stay, sit and roll over? Well that’s what you’ll be doin with your money and these females. When you train a dog to do tricks you usually start off by giving them a food treat of some sort. Each time the dog complies with your command you give it a treat. Then you keep training the dog and you start to hold up on the treats and just give the dog praise, then you hit the dog with a treat again after you resume training when they keep complying to your commands. The treat is just to get the dogs attention from the jump and let it know it’s training time. Eventually you want to end up not giving the dog any treats at all and the dog will respond to your commands for one purpose and one purpose only and that is to please it’s master. The dog soon works for the praise of it’s master and not for a treat.

Money, freaks and trick’n is the same thing. You first throw out that money to get their attention and you should in most instances only throw out this money as a reward for good behavior. The more you reward her the more she will feel attached to you if you are taking care of all the Mack angles. Soon you will have to throw out no money in order to see her comply with your wishes and demands. Some females comply for different reasons. Some comply for fear of losing you and your money. If I ask a freak to go and get me 2 more freaks to video and she doesn’t deliver then she knows that the next time she asks me for something the chances are slim that I will deliver. So she complies with my request for fear of losing her money train. Some females do it because they love to make you happy and they just love to complete the task you have given them. Some females beg for missions to do in order to get next to you and to get your approval. Soon if you so choose you won’t have to wave any cash in front of these females, just the promise of a possible later payday is enough to keep them hanging on. Remember you don’t want to make money the sole reason a freak does anything for you. Money should only be used to kick the game off with a blast, then you should wean a freak from digg’n in your pockets. You should have them wanting to do thangs for you just because they feel the need and the want to. If you really doing this shyt in Mack fashion, it ain’t  hard to get them to comply with your wishes. You want to have it so that there every thought should be about pleasing you and make’n your life as comfortable as possible.

Sometimes you have to floss and give out money with an audience present to get your game rollin. Give a chick a 20 dolla bill in front of her friends and make sure you tell her some shyt like “Great job” or “I appreciate your help, here’s a little somethin for your trouble.” Other females will see this and get curious and before you know it you’ll get calls from strange females you don’t know. Of course this scenario is more for those inclined to CyberPimp than just the average Nicca on the street lookin for ass. But this can still apply and be useful with a little bit of imagination.

11.If they have children always treat them with kindness and respect. Bring them candy or toys every now and then, or take them and there momma all out to eat.

I typically do this because, I often feel sorry for the kids that stay in the projects. I often try and show them kids as much love as possible when I’m out and about. I found that when I did this the females grabbed on to me tighter also. They can’t resist a man who shows interest in their kids. It’s a mothers natural instinct to show some favor to a man who values her children. I don’t deliberately use the kids to get in good with the females. I ain’t that dirty, I just have a natural need to ease these children’s pain and it just so happens that this action has many benefits in dealing with the females.

It also has its draw backs though. Many of these chicks will start to see you as baby daddy and will start to beat down your door whenever they need something for the kids. Instead of askin the real baby daddy, they feel more comfortable comin to you. That’s when I got to put back on my asshole mask and tell em to “Call baby Daddy for that mess, I’m busy.” It sounds harsh to clown them like that but often times these freaks find out that if they really want to get some money out of me all they have to do is say it is for the kids. So often they lie to me and try and get weed money from me and say it’s for the baby that needs food and medicine. So I had to start gettin real ill on these freaks. So be careful with this one, it can backfire real easily.

12.Tell them “No” alot.

This is point blank and to the point. Don’t be a yes man, tell them No, No, No. Once again your setting the stage for them to understand that you have the power, they don’t. A woman wants to be powerless in the face of a man. She doesn’t want to be in a man’s presence and feel like she is dominating a situation. She at least does not want this feeling in the presence of a man she wants to call her own. So tell them “No” when she asks for something and watch as her eyes light up and she begins to hold you in high esteem.

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Stealth Pimpin.

Phat booty Amber

Phat booty Amber

What is stealth Pimp’n? Stealth Pimp’n is the art of Pimp’n a person without them knowing that they are being Pimped. Well what is Pimp’n for that matter since people may be lost on this definintion also. Pimp’n, is nothing more than the ability to capitalize off the hard work of others. Hmmmmmmm…this sounds familiar to me…….I’ll come back to this later.

 Well I’m writing this little ditty because some Niccaz lack understanding about life and how only those who have adaptable life skills will make any sort of progress in this world. Some Niccaz are so limited in their thought processes that they only have room for rigid definitions of what things are and are not. We get so used to accepting so-called conventional wisdom that we have no room for new expansive workable paradigms in our heads. So what is the point of all this so far? The point of this scroll is to get you to see shyt for what it really is. The point is to get you to read between the damn lines playboy. The point is that your definitions and rigid codes of thought don’t mean shyt to a new age outlaw like me. So still you say ” Get to the damn point man!” The point is that the most successful Pimps in the world are those who deny that they do indeed Pimp! The point is that through the artful use of wordplay I can snowball and hoodwink anybody. Let’s play a game shall we? I’m gonna say two words and let’s see how your brain processes the information.

Capitalism                    Pimp’n.

What do you think of when you see and hear the words Capitalism? What sort of nasty, evil  thoughts get conjured up when you hear the term Pimp’n? Are they different philosophies or are they one and the same? What you are dealing with above is called a Euphemism. Euphemisms are words used to play down the original meaning of a word or action. When our Military kills civilians foreign and domestic they don’t say “We killed Civilians”. That is too harsh and bound to raise draw attention to a very hot situation. If you do not wish to alert and get the civilian population angered then you must re-word the action to make it seem less serious, even harmless. So the government came up with the term “Collateral Damages”. Sounds a lot less serious and much more sterile and clean. When you hear the term “Collateral Damages” it just goes in one ear and out the other. But if I keep this shyt real and say “The military slaughtered and killed 30 civilians today” that kind of wordplay gets your attention and actually tells you the real.

If someone dies and you have to ease the news to loved ones, you don’t come out and say “Your father is DEAD”, it is said to be much more painless if you say something like “Your father Passed away”. To say that he is dead is too real, it’s too harsh, so we make up words and phrases to disguise meanings and make them more palatable.  “Friendly Fire” means “You killed your own forces”. “Liquidation” means “Murder”. “Neutralized a Threat” means you “Killed a man”. To “Take down or Take Out” means to “kill the enemy” in military terms. “A Freedom Fighter” is a Terrorist that we like or agree with. “Detainee” means a “Prisoner of war”. Casualty means a “Person killed or seriously Injured in war.”

See the sanitizing effect of the word play here? Well I believe you get the message so now on to the main euphemism that I love to pick apart. The Capitalism Vs Pimp’n definition. I sit in awe of the blatant stupidity of people in general, how can one person endorse Capitalism and in the same breath condemn a PIMP. Let’s look at Capitalism for what it truly is. Capitalism when you get to the root of the definition is to just merely capitalize off the blood, sweat, tears or work of others. When we go to work we have Presidents and CEO’s who call the shots and decide what is good for the employees. The CEO makes most of the money, he then distributes that money as he sees fit. You do all the back breaking gutter work while he sits in his office drinking wine and smoking Cuban cigars. But your at the bottom and have trouble even payin your fuckn light bill. How the fuck is this any different from what a PIMP does? A PIMP is just a CEO and his company consist of females and they all sell a valuable commodity ( Pussy). He is the brains of the operation, he gives them guidance, insight, motivation and protection. The Pimp lives far better than his hoes. He does no physical work and he reeps the most benefits and rewards from the work of others. What the fuck is the difference between the PIMP and the CEO?

What is the difference between Pimp’n and Capitalism? I don’t see a difference. Same shyt just worded to convey a different feeling. How about lookin at shyt the way it was meant to be seen. Look at this euphemism….. “Employee” actually means “Hoe”. What is the difference between the Employee and the Hoe? Only difference is the commodity or the service they sell or provide. The concept is still the same. The fact is Hoes and Employees have no control ultimately over their position in the company, its all up to the CEO. They both make the CEO/PIMP alot of money and they get crumbs in return. CEO’s have ultimate power and talk cash shyt to you when you are not pullin your weight in the company, they typically verbally bytch slap you and make an example of you in front of the other Hoe/Employees. The funny thing is since you are told that you are in a capitalist society you believe that this system does not exploit and use you. We have been hoes our whole lives and being Pimped to no end but we never noticed it because the government don’t call it PIMP’n they call it Capitalism. So this makes it okay in the eyes of the dim witted populace. And then people have the nerve to chastise a True Bonafide street PIMP and his Hoe? The hypocrisy in this is astounding. So it is my belief that The whole United States of America is one big Hoe Stroll and that the Hookers and Hoes are totally oblivious to the fact that they sell their asses everyday in order to make the Next Man rich. I watch and I learned from American History and I found this bit of knowledge very enlightening. This is absolutely some Matrix type shyt. You have millions of people going to work everyday and becoming slaves to a never ending cycle of exploitation. But they seem oblivious to it, in fact they seem to love their servitude. They don’t seem to know that they are truly more enslaved and exploited than the average street Hooker.

But like I said “Capitalism” is “Stealth Pimp’n” and that’s what I have opted to practice. Many Niccaz see what I do as Trick’n, but I’m a new breed of Pimp or Mack. I guess they say anytime you pay a female for anything you have ceased to be a PIMP and have now become a Trick. Once again rigid thought and belief systems shackle the minds of the less informed. I have elected to PIMP the way the capitalist forefathers have elected to PIMP. I do it through guile and stealth. I have elected to portray myself as a Capitalist ,I really don’t consider what I do Pimp’n because it’s too rigid a philosophy using it’s present popular definition. First off, have you ever seen a Pimp who has been in the game too long? Most of them are burnt out mentally and are strung out on dope. The extreme lifestyle that the PIMP indulges in consumes and destroys his life. Many brothas opt for the type of pimp’n that is extreme in the fact that a bytch can’t get shyt, and he is the soul controller and ruler of all. This is extreme and can only be implemented for so long before it backfires on him and he is destroyed by others who hate and despise him for his extreme stance on the treatment of his Hoes. Many Pimps end up dead and in Jail all because they chose to be a so called REAL PIMP that dominates and abuses woman. If these Niccaz had some damn sense they would study history and know how a true pimp works. A real Pimp, Pimps you while you are oblivious to the fact. A real PIMP makes you love your Hoe/Slave/Employee status. All I do is hear how great it is to be an American, and how America is the best place in the world to Live by a nation of exploited, over worked and underpaid Hoes. The American Citizen is totally convinced that he has a choice in this game, he is totally deceived and duped into thinking that its a fair game. No one is better at the stealth PIMP game than Politicians and Preachers. If you wanna know how to stealth Pimp observe one of these occupations. I elected to study the Clergy more than the politician due to the Clergy steady dependence upon Blind obedience, Faith and Emotionalism. In my view these things make people much easier to control and exploit.

So I have decided to do my Pimpn just like a CEO would. I give out rewards, I give promotions, I provide structure, I have them give me input and I want to know their ideas. I give them options to help give them the illusion of being in control. To all you so called real Pimp hard core Niccaz runnin around smackin bytches and totally using and abusing the females, your time is short. Get wise Nicca and understand that you are building up a Karmic debt that you will pay one way or another. You need to find a balance and try and leave what ever you touch better off than when you first touched it. So what the fuck is a REAL PIMP? I tell you this I’m all about the long haul and longevity, and if your Pimp style is apt to get you killed, incarcerated or mentally fried, then that ain’t NO REAL PIMP philosophy. If it destroys you in the process then that ain’t the kind of Philosophy I want to fuck wit. I am a Capitalist Stealth PIMP. I’ll give away 50 dollaz to make 500. Ain’t this the American Way?

The only thing that one can say about what the true dividing line between Capitalism and PIMPN is, is the whole “sex is taboo” thang that stems from a Puritanical and Calvinistic stance. This is the true reason why PIMPN is looked down upon. It all goes back to religion. If it were not for the warped perceptions of religious zealots through history concerning sex we would not be stressin this dumb shyt. What’s the big deal about tappin some ass between two consenting adults? Why the fuck does your local government and law officials feel the need to regulate who your dippin your wick in as long as its Between two consensual adults? It all boils down to you are participating in a thoughtcrime, you are being punished for being morally bankrupt and devoid of good Christian values in the eyes of your Government Masters. Let’s keep this shyt real people, it’s all about one group of people trying to impose their value system and mode of God worship upon others.

People often point to the fact that Prostitution spreads disease and devalues woman. If it was legal this wouldn’t be the case. If you regulate it and make it so one must have periodic medical check-ups then the whole VD argument would be null and void. As far as exploiting woman and devaluing their worth, how is this the case? Woman right now do sex work because they want to. If you legalize it nothing will change, they will till do it because they want to, the main thing that you will have to watch out for is the rush of woman who get into the prostitution bizz if it’s legal. If it’s regulated and made a viable career option due to legalization. There is gonna be some serious money being made and alot of the stigma attached to the profession will disappear. The European countries don’t seem to have our backward view of sex and they don’t have our prostitution problem. They don’t have the diseases and they don’t have the rampant abuse that comes with pushing the profession underground. In Europe prostitution is legal  and is monitored closely to make sure no abuses happen to those who work in the profession. But what about the theory that the prostitution and porn lead to sex addiction? That’s true in some instances. But I can make the same argument for religion and Catholic Preachers having sex addiction from the fact that they have TOO LITTLE SEX.  In fact they get so perverted that they don’t even want pussy, they chasin little boys and tryin to gobble nuts and play with male rectums. So what’s the solution? You wanna ban Church and Religion Now? Let’s make being a Preacher, Cardinal, Father or Pope Illegal because the lifestyle promotes pedophilia. I can see through the bullshyt people. Bottom line is extremes always lead to addictions and deviant behavior. You just have to be strong enough to regulate your intake of whatever your poison may be. The fact that I am in the Adult Entertainment bizz has had the opposite effect on me. I don’t want any sex anymore. I could give a fuck about some pussy. If I see a nude woman with a banging ass and tits the shyt don’t phase me anymore. It’s like being locked in a Candy store for a week with nothing to eat except the candy and when you get out you have no desire to even touch any candy because your just sick to your stomach from consuming all those sweets. So I’m not addicted to sex at all, if anything it repulses me and I find myself not even wanting to have females even touch me dawg. I get so much play that the prospect of gettin more pussy bores me. The funny thing about this situation is that now that i’m not pressed to even see some pussy, I get it thrown at me all the time now. Females can sense when your not even impressed or controlled by what they usually use to hypnotize other men. And this makes them want you even more since you seem to be immune to their seducing powers. Don’t get me wrong, I still gotta get my groove on and when I choose to do that, I grab my camera and I go hunting for a freak that will perform for us. In fact the only reason sex really appeals to me now is the fact that I document it. If I don’t have a camera, im really not interested in gettin freaked. Hahhahaha…yeah playa, I’m a bit strange according to most ya’ll cats, but ya’ll reap the benefits of my strange behavior through some real live homegrown freak adventures.

I chose the Capitalist (Stealth Pimp) technique because it maintains a balance. It gives me the power and control I desire and it gives my employees the illusion that they are in control and that they are not slaves to my agenda. Much like our modern day masters have duped and fooled the populace of the whole western world into thinking we actually live in a Democracy and that we are all actually free. What a fuck’n joke. Through my Stealth Pimp (Capitalist) technique I get my employees to love their dependence and slave status to me. This is an important question that we all must answer. If given the chance to be enlightened to the fact that you are indeed a slave or to live in blissful ignorance of the fact that you are a slave, which would you choose? Many of you have chosen the blue pill, you have chosen to not admit that you are slaves or Hoes to an oppressive system. I am often reminded of dialogue from The Matrix( one of my favorite movies of all time) between Morpheus and Neo, when I hear people question me about my lifestyle and how they fail to see that they are just like I am, except I am Honest with myself and they lie to themselves and deceive themselves in hopes of not facing there own demons.

In the movie, when Morpheus is about to offer Neo the choice between either the red pill or the blue pill, he explains:

“You’re here because you know something. What you know you can’t explain — but you feel it. You’ve felt it your entire life; that there’s something wrong with the world; you don’t know what it is, but it’s there, like a splinter in your mind, driving you mad. It is this feeling that has brought you to me. Do you know what I’m talking about?”

“The Matrix,” Neo asks?

“Do you want to know what it is? The Matrix is everywhere, it is all around us. Even in this very room. You can see it when you look out your window or when you turn on your television. You can feel it when you go to work, when you go to church, when you pay your taxes; it is the world that has been pulled over your eyes to blind you from the truth.”

And Neo asks, “What truth?”

“That you are a slave Neo, like everyone else, you were born into bondage; born into a prison that you cannot smell or taste or touch; a prison for your mind. Unfortunately, no one can be told what the Matrix is. You have to experience it for yourself.”

Ya’ll been living in a capitalist prison from day one. Ya’ll have been Pimped from day one. Now does this mean that capitalism is bad, No it doesn’t mean that Capitalism is bad. If I defend the street Pimp’s cause then how can I be against Capitalism since it’s the same philosophy only repackaged and presented to the populace in order to keep them sleep. And to make them oblivious to the fact that they are all Hookers sellin ass in one way or another. I’m just pointing out the hypocrisy in the system, Im just tellin you people that you have been caught up in doublespeak and the word game has you blind to reality. Reality is that there is no difference between a Preacher, a Pimp and a CEO. The Reality is that there is no difference between an Employee, a Church Goer or a Hoe. No difference between prostitution and the capitalist system. So for the government to criminalize one and say that the other is okay is utter madness.


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True Jedi Mind Tricks.


I touched on this topic when I first opened my site a couple years ago, I wrote an essay about it, but fucked around and erased the web page on accident. So right now I’m gonna write about it again but this time the article will be even better because I’m gonna show you how to apply this tactic to these freaks in the streets. The first article I wrote I didn’t do that. But before I proceed I must tell you what The Jedi Mind Trick is. Most of you who have seen Star Wars know that the Jedi Knights which are a spiritual warrior order practice mind control and manipulation powers over the weak minded. The Jedi Knight says something to an advesary who wishes to do him harm, like “You will give me the light saber.” and the weak minded enemy automatically falls in line and just gives you the weapon without any fuss or hassle. Damn playa wouldn’t you like to get a hold of some magic like that? Well I have found a tactic or technique that works just like the Jedi Mind Trick and thusly I have named it after the mythical Jedi order mind control technique. So instead of asking for a Jedi light saber you can ask a freak for a shot of pussy or some head and she gonna do it without hesitation. Let me break this shyt down.

First of all the Jedi Mind Trick is all based off deception. In my previous article I broke down how black people are the biggest dupes and dummies in the American system because they repeatedly fall for Jedi Mind Trick shyt. Such as “White Liberalism, and Wel-fare.” Niccaz see the word “Free and easy” and go into retard mode. Niccas pack the halls of wel-fare offices yearly wanting to try and get over on the system, not fully understanding that they are not getting over at all. They were deceived into thinking that the Free and Easy route was the path to liberation and power, when it is exactly the opposite. It’s actually a prison without walls. They get free food stamps, a wel-fare check and health care. But what happens once the Liberal establishment decides they don’t wanna give you free shyt anymore? What will you do? What would you do in order to try and keep them from taking away those damn crumbs that they throw at you? Even though you receive only crumbs from the masters table, these crumbs still hold your head above water and keep you alive. You get complacent and lazy and see no need to go out and do anything for yourself and support yourself. As long as the government will pay your rent, provide food and healthcare you think this is easy street. But you have painted yourself into a corner because while being attached to the free and easy system they tell you that the minute you try and better yourself and get a good job or put a good man in the house they will cut the freebies off and leave you to provide for yourself. Now this scares a person who has always been a leech, they have never been able to consistently provide for themselves and live well off. So they just would rather stay in the projects collecting the safe and secure crumbs than roll the dice and improve their situation financially and socially. When affirmative action and intergration was implemented black folks forsaked the institutions, business and schools we had set up for ourselves and by ourselves. Having our own establishments meant we had POWER. We had the ability to build from those power bases and become a Nation within a Nation. But when White Liberalism came in and told the black folk that white America would take care of it’s former slaves through wel-fare, intergration, affirmative action and what not, we dropped everything that we made and went to live in the masta’s house all in the name of peace and security. Now we got Zip.

So liberalism comes in under the guise of helping you when it actually is harming you. It encourages laziness and incompetence. It has always been important for America to control it’s former slaves and to harness our dollar and buying power. If America could devise ways and schemes to make sure that Black folks remain consumers and not producers then they could control the destyne and fortune of Black America. Black folks are so slow that they see that to be a consumer means that you are being served or serviced and this implies power to us because people SERVE YOU. People come around and break their neck to give you this and that. People trip over each other to be the first to serve you that which you want and desire. Black folks see Producers as the ones that are powerless because a producer “WORKS” or provides a service. And how can a person that “WORKS” have Power over those they work for? Black folks see themselves as getting over because they use wel-fare, but never think once about the people who give you that free shyt are actually the ones with the power and are really getting over on you for mentally encouraging you to eat scraps and crumbs. And thusly stay dependant upon their mercy and good graces. Okay here is where we use this Mack Tactic to suite our fiendish needs.

Now if you tryin to get these project chicks to do what the fuck you want, when you want, then you gots to use stealth and deception. You have to swallow your pride and sweep your ego under the rug playa. Your gonna have to play your hand a way you probably have never played it before. You gonna have to be a TRICK! Hhahhaa, hell yeah man that’s right. Trick Trick, Trick. Now This shyt may not work too well if you are a broke ass Nicca and if you don’t have a Cyber-Pimp hustle. But if you have some loot and you wanna keep flippin that loot over x10 then you can use this shyt to the fullest. In short, you are gonna be the wel-fare system on a smaller scale.

You need to hit these freaks hard and fast with everything you got. You need to pull up in ya best clothes, your tightest ride and hit them with some serious money in they pockets. You need to get em spoiled and use to gett’n the royal treatment. The first impression will make or break you so make sure you dazzle em with the A game. Now I have met females who have had jobs and who have been hooked on the wel-fare system. They all seemed to be doing pretty good though, they lights, heat and rent seemed to stay current. But as soon as they meet me and I have dealt with them for 3 or 4 months, they can’t keep they lights on, they can’t keep the rent paid, they can’t buy the babies diapers. Now why is this? It’s because I spoiled them with my TRICK game. I don’t know why but alot of these females seem to think that my money and my attention will last forever, so they get complacent and comfortable and get used to being able to just call me and I’m gonna take care of what ever problem she has. Now people laugh at Niccaz that Trick, but if you are a smart Nicca you can use this Trick Label with deadly precision and Mack bytchez to the 5th power. They got so use to the good life and of just being able to call me when things got bad that they said “Fuck a Job, 3XL will help me out.” They said “Fuck going to my next wic or public assistance appointment to keep my wel-fare check comin in, 3XL will help me.” Man it’s hard to believe, but yes too many females have been evicted and kicked off public assistance through fuckin with me due to their stupidity in thinking that I would save them forever and keep them safe. You have to know the nature of the beast that you are dealing with. These females have been living in a culture where it pays to be lazy. They have been taught from day one that the lazier you are, the better a chance of you getting a hand out. So I typically count on them using me as a security net when they don’t want to be responsible and keep appointments that keeps their county check and food stamps coming. Or when they no longer wanna wake up in the morning and go to that fast food restaurant job anymore. It’s just so much easier for them to just pick up the phone and call me for some help rather than fuck with all that real world responsibility bullshyt they hate so much. I had these freaks duped into thinking that I was a true bonafide Trick Daddy. So now a bytch has no job, and has no wel-fare check, thusly no income at all. So now she has to totally depend upon what ever you throw at her. And in having her dependant upon your compassion, she is now YOUR slave. While just a few weeks ago she thought you was the slave or the powerless one in this relationship, here you come out of nowhere with your demands on how shyt is gonna be run. And she is in too much of a fucked up situation to challenge your position. She will comply to your every whim and need if she has any sense at all. You have now become her life line, without you in her corner everything will crash and burn. Your job will be to present yourself as a Trick but when the game fully unfolds they will know full well that they have been deal’n with a Pimp. And after they realize that you are a Mack they won’t even be mad at you playa, they will oddly enough be even more drawn to you and under your spell. Before it’s all said and done these girls will kill for you dawg, even though you played them like a fiddle. Street bytchez love and respect a Nicca with a tight game and a good hustle. You will slowly start to become a legend in the place that you live and your rep will intrigue and fascinate every freak that runs into you. The bytchez wont be able to figure you out and this alone will get them flying around you like bees to honey. They will have heard many stories about you, but they don’t know which stories to believe. They gonna hear the PIMP and the TRICK stories and they gonna want to test the waters. Curiosity always kills the cat, the moth is always consumed by the flame. And so shall it be with you and these street freaks. The nectar you hold will be too sweet for them to pass by without a taste, but just because they taste doesn’t always mean that they will get addicted. Some get wise and bail out before you sink your hooks in them, while others keep coming back for seconds, thirds and fourth helpings of this game I play. If they call me on my phone more than 3 or 4 times in 7 to 10 days I know I got one hooked.

Think about how these freaks must be laugh’n at you and talkin about you because every time they call, you run over to save they ass from all manner of dumb shyt they do and get into. They thinking that just because you have elected to SERVE that you have no power and because they are being served that they have the power. But what happens once you stop serving them once they are use to using your services? If they are use to you giving them 100 dollaz a week for a month and you suddenly stop, they will miss that. If they are use to you giving them transportation to and from the grocery store so that they don’t have to ride the city bus with they kids and 8 bags of groceries and you suddenly stop, they will miss that. The key is to get them hooked on as many things as you can in the service department. You have to get them so dependant on you for so much shyt that they don’t dare displease you or so “No” to anything that you require of them. They always gonna have the fear in the back of their mind that the minute they piss you off they will be fucked in the game if you decide to close your wallet, your car or your time to them. So you gonna find that you can damn near say and do anything you want once you have made her depend upon you for her very survival.

Now you thinking that this type of control is too expensive to maintain. But the reality is you only have to trick for a short time. I say Trick hard and fast, but short to get the desired effect. You can dangle the carrot in front of their faces after you have shown them that you are capable and definitely have the means to provide for them. So you can promise them all sorts of shyt later on and never actually deliver to the point that you did when you first met them. When I meet these chicks I take care of em for about 3 months and then I cut them off so that they feel the sting of reality without me in their lives. They often don’t like the way that feels so they end up trying to do all sorts of shyt to try and keep me interested in them. I can come over and fuck em and get my dick sucked and get a breakfast, lunch or dinner if I want. And I don’t have to spend a fuckin dime to get it. Now the PIMP phase can begin. And it’s funny how this all just creeps up on them females, they all of a sudden realize that the roles are reversed, but by the time they notice, it’s too late. They have come so dependant on shyt I do, that they have grown comfortable and don’t even want to press any issue that may endanger their stability.

They kind of think that your a soft weak muthafukkin joke at first because each time they call for something, you immediately jump up to meet their needs and demands. I mean I’m doin so much rippin and runnin for these females I burn a full tank of gas in a gawd damn day. I have a certain amount of money that I will spend to turn a freak out. I have a 1000 dolla limit. Now once again this seems like alot to the average Nicca. But since I’m cyber-pimp’n I can do that because I get the money right back. Plus I get so much more in return for that 1000 dollaz. Ya’ll don’t know how many times I have shown up with my video camera and told a freak to just get naked and suck some balls for no money at all. I do this shyt all the time. Virtually endless freak video footage! They feel obligated, they fear to tell me “No”. But like I said a grand is the limit, sometime I can get the job done for 100. Now you can’t get a hold of these freaks minds and keep a hold just by doin this tactic alone. But this is a key component and probably 60 percent of the answer to make’n them comply fully to your demands. The main problem with this tactic is that you can sometimes take on too many freaks to try and mack at one time and they all will bleed you dry of every cent that you have. It is best to only fuck with 1 or 2 freaks at a time. Believe me you don’t want to be juggling 5 or 6 of these hungry females at once. In doing this you defeat the purpose of the whole tactic. The purpose is to show that you can get shyt done, that you are in control and that your pockets stay fat. You can’t have any of the latter while dealing with so many females. You will always know if your dealing with too many females by the hole in your wallet. If by the end of the day you still have 75% of your money left on you then you are doing well. If your below 50% then you are defeating the purpose of using this tactic. Even though you tryin to make them think you are a Trick, you are not to actually be a trick and be broke by given a bytch or bytchez all your cash. So to be on the safe side limit the amount of females you deal with while pullin the JMT. The less females you deal with the longer your recourses will stretch and last. Now if your one of them Niccaz with SUPER GAME and can juggle 5 or 6 chicks at a pop and still have 75% of ya cheese left then so be it. I ain’t even gonna lie, I ain’t that good to fuck with that many on a fullblown JMT mission. So only deal in small numbers, you want a good quality freak anyway, ya don’t want a whole bunch of half ass brainwashed females, that ain’t nuthin but trouble.

Now this tactic can easily blow up in your face playa. If you don’t slide into as many areas of her life and take control then the tactic wont work. Don’t just use the giving and taking of money to exercise your power over her (even though this is the most powerful tool you can use). If you just throw out money with no polish or psychology behind it, they will just take the money and run and leave you lookin slow. My two big areas of control reside in the money department and the transportation department. I make myself readily available at all manner of day and night for these females. I’m a gawd damn Taxi Cab, only I don’t charge em for shyt. Now this seems small and insignificant but this is a big deal with these freaks. They hate to ride the bus they always wanna go somewhere in a hurry. If you get them use to being able to go anywhere at anytime at a moments notice they get hooked on that. It’s damn near impossible for them to go back to ride’n the bus. And most thug minded Niccaz ain’t gonna Taxi no bytch anywhere for fear of being perceived as being a soft Trick bytch nicca. So the majority of the Niccaz they know ain’t gonna drive they asses nowhere. They can’t call relatives because your sisters and brothers want Gas money to do all that drive’n all around the city. So they soon get stuck callin on you, you have to be convenient and affordable. You have to be “Free and Easy” to them. “Free and easy” will get them addicted to your services and once faced with the realization that you may not provide that service anymore, she will do what ever it takes to keep you in her life. But like I said you gotta wedge yourself into as many spots in her life as possible and take control. You will have a hard time Mack’n a freak with just minimal control over one facet of her existence. I like to control at least 3 areas in which she can’t effectively make moves without me. I have other things I do to get them hooked, but I can’t share that with you playaz. I have to keep some of my jewels a secret to protect my pimp game. Ain’t no tellin when my freaks gonna read this shyt, so I got to keep some of my tactics on the hush. Man, ya’ll see the main freaks on my site that just keep popp’n up right? I ain’t payin them to do this shyt anymore man. They do this shyt because they want to, and feel the need to do what I say because they are hooked on my “Liberalism.” Now when a freak calls me for a ride or for some money it’s more than likely gonna be “No” the majority of the time. But I have become such a fixture in her life and I have been so deep into her mind that it don’t matter what I do or what I say now. She is always gonna see me as her savior in many ways. I can tell her “No” 99 times but she won’t trip about it, she is just holding on for the next time that I say “Yes”. So now when you lookin at this MackCity shyt and you see the same females that keep poppin up over and over doin all kinds of videos for this Fat Nicca, trust and believe it’s all because I Jedi Mind TRICKED em.

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Law 13: “The 48 Laws of Power.”


Law 13: Taken from “The 48 Laws of Power.” Pg 95

“When asking for help, appeal to people’s self interest, never to their mercy or gratitude.”

“If you need to turn to an ally for help do not bother to remind him of your past assistance and good deeds. He will find a way to ignore you. Instead uncover something in your request, or in your alliance with him, that will benefit him, and emphasize it out of all proportion. He will respond enthusiastically when he sees something to be gained for himself.”

Sometimes if I’m really wanting to exercise my power muscles with some of my models I’ll do a little experiment. It ain’t no mystery that I pay alot of the ladies for work and sometimes I’ll play the Nice Guy role and hit them with free money just because I like to treat my girls right. And if you know how to work the Nice Guy role the ladies will bend over backwards to please you and treat you like a Gawd damn King. Now remember I said “If you know how to work the Nice Guy Role”. Allot of cats don’t know how to work the Nice guy image and get walked on and played. There are tricks and rules which must be applied carefully when using the “Nice Guy” approach.

Most of the females I fuck with have their minds set on little shyt. They often don’t see the Big picture. They often live day to day and don’t stress about what happens in a week or a month from now. If they think they can game me or hustle me for 20,50 or 100 dollaz in the immediate present, then you best believe they gonna do it. And I often count on this shortsightedness. But hold up…I’m getting off track ,let me get back to the subject at hand.

Like I said I like to test a female at times to see how much she will be worth to me in the long run. And that usually starts with me giving them some money with no strings attached. Or we will do a Video shoot and I’ll tell them you have to do this or that for the cheese and then I’ll let them slide without doing the whole performance. Now most oftentimes the female will want to do the whole performance just because I’ve laid the Mack groundwork before the video shoot. And the female often wants to please me to the fullest. But sometimes me and a female have personality conflicts or dominance issues which needs to be addressed. And the best way to deal with a chick like this is to appeal to her own self interest, Never, ever, ever bring up the fact that you did this for her or did that for her and she owes you for tyrin to look out for her when she was hungry or he baby needed some pampers. Don’t ever whine or beg a bytch to be compensated for you playin a trick role. Instead of that tactic use the obverse. Just remind her in a subtle way that the world is a better place with you in it than not in it. Let her know that if you stay in her life she will be well taken care of and looked after. When she sees you, she gotta see a way out of the bullshyt of life. You gotta represent Hope, a wondrous adventure, a gawd damn broke bytchez dream! Now whether you decide to deliver on her hopes and dreams is up to you, I usually don’t like to deliver to much, I just give em enough to keep them chasin me.See below an example of what I’m talkin about. This is me on the phone with a female talkin about a video shoot. I’m tryin to get her to do work for no money at all. Check out how I test the waters with a female and then peep how a buster would handle the situation.

The Mack Approach:

3XL: What up Girl? Where yo fine ass been?

Tina: Nowhere,I been here stuck since my car broke down last week. I need some money to get it fixed.

3XL: Damn baby what happened to the money I hit you wit last week? You know you should of taken care of business with that cheese instead of spendin it on them broke ass Niccaz you be fuck’n wit.

Tina: I know, but if you hit me up with some more money, I’ll promise to use it to take care of business this time.

3XL: You tryin to tell me yo family, yo friends and yo damn Boyfriend can’t put enough money together to take care of you and make sure you got food on the table and a car for transportation?

Tina Nah, we all fucked up over here.

3XL: So you want daddy to bail you out again, huh? Well I’ll have to think on that. You know how I like to please the ladies and take care of fine muthafukkaz like yoself. And you know I can help you out like I have in the past and like I’ve helped alot of ya girl friends, but I’m looking to handle some business right now myself. And I was wondering can you help a Nicca out. I was gonna call Monique but she don’t appreciate a Nicca like you do, and I’m cuttin loose all these unappreciative bytchez. I’m only tryin to have top notch honies on my roster. You know when I gave Monique that ride to children’s services last week, she had the nerve to act funky when I dropped her off just because I couldn’t pick her up as well. I said catch the bus back or call baby daddy, but I got shyt to do. Here I am doin shyt her muthafukkin man should be doin and she wanna gawd damn trip on me?

Tina: Ahh, she know she wrong for doin that, I don’t know what’s wrong with these girls actin like that. You know me and you cool, I don’t ever call you unless it’s an emergency and I really appreciate the help you give. I’m not like the rest of these girls.

3XL: I’m glad you feel that way, that’s the kind of attitude I’m lookin for. You know later on this week I’m gettin some females together for a bachelor party and there will be alot of Ball’n type Niccaz at the spot and a female could make alot of cheese if I chose to bring her along for the ride. But I’m only bringing the females I think deserve to be put on. Them ungrateful bytchez can stay home.

Tina: Ooohhhh, I know you taken me right?! I need that money!

3XL: I’ll tell you what, I need a video shoot today in the park, and it won’t take long, you down for that?

Tina: How much I’m gettin paid?

3XL: Ain’t no payment, I’m just on some freak shyt and want to get freaked. But you know I’ll take care of you some way or another, have I ever let you down? Let’s just have some fun.

Tina: Are you serious?

3XL: You down or what?

Tina: Okay, what time?

3XL: A.S.A.P

The Buster approach

Buster: What up Girl? Where yo fine ass been?

Tina: Nowhere, I been here stuck since my car broke down last week. I need some money to get it fixed.

Buster: Damn baby what happened to the money I hit you wit last week? Why you waste that money that I gave you? Your priorities is all fucked up. That’s why I don’t help ya’ll females with shyt ya’ll just fuck up money. 

Tina: I know, but if you hit me up with some more money, I’ll promise to use it to take care of business this time.

Buster: This time? Nah you owe me big time for the last chunk of change I gave you. I put some serious money in your pocket and I think you should show me some love.

Tina:I thought you gave me that money with no strings attached?

Buster: It was, but all i’m sayin is when you gonna show me the same love I show you? I go all out and try and make sure your taken care of but every now and then I think you should show me the same love. I feel you owe me some attention.

Tina: I don’t owe you nothin, you never said anything about payin you back. Why you playin games?

Buster: Ain’t playin no games, I’m just wonderin when you gonna help me out? I helped you out so I think you should try and do the same for me.

Tina: What do you want from me?!

Buster: I’ll tell you what, I need a video shoot today in the park, and it won’t take long, you down for that?

Tina: You want me to get down for free?

Buster: You down or what?

Tina: Well I got some stuff to do today and I don’t have a baby sitter. Holla at me tomorrow and I may be able to do something.

Needless to say she ain’t gonna call yo pathetic ass back.

First of all never go into trick mode! All that beggin shyt must stop if you gonna ever get a female to act right. Don’t be sayin a broad owes you shyt if you freely give them money. You just end up lookin like a lame. The purpose of giving away the money is to show that you have power and pull and can get shyt done. And if you give it freely it will work. But if you try and directly get compensation it makes you look desperate and weak. Woman more than anything want a muthafukka that can get shyt done. And they want a Nicca that’s about Bizness. It’s in their nature to submit to a man who can provide for them.

Did you see how I compared myself to her family, friends and her man? Did you see how I made sure she knew that I alone had the power to help her? Did you see how I compared her to the other model Monique? Monique is ungrateful but I made sure I let Tina know that I thought she was nothing like that. She was good and appreciative. Did you see how I dangled other money making opportunities in front of her face? You have to make it obvious that it isn’t in her best interest to alienate or disappoint you. You have to make her fear losing the one thing in her life that is bigger and better than anything going on in her life at that given time. Now some would say what the fuck is the difference? You gave a bytch free money, now you gettin her to do a free video shoot? That Video shoot isn’t really free then if you gave her free money earlier that month. And that’s absolutely right. But if you play ya cards right, you can get to the point of doin all kinds of free video shyt in succession without ever paying them again. It’s a gamble no doubt, but I usually come out way ahead. So remember don’t beg a bytch for shyt and don’t appeal to their gratitude, kindness or generosity. Self interest in the best way to motivate people.

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