Past log: Gumbo Mix 14 July 2004

14 July 04

It's 2 A.M in the morning Sparkles calls me crying on the phone ,begging for 30 dollaz. She claims that she has just kicked out Tiffany and they not cool no more because Tif wasn't hitt'n her with any money. I guess Sparkle needed the money for a Hotel for the night. But Nicca like me ain't got time to play with that bullshyt. She should have saved her money and did something with it instead of give it away to Niccaz that didn't give a shyt about her. Now she running back to the Nicca that has showed her love time and time again. Now she wanna use me up, while she let's otha Niccaz use her as she gives away my money that she done begged for. Fuck that, NO MORE!

I'm about to roll out and pick up Chocolate. She wants to go Job hunting and she asked could I take her a couple of places. I said sure. But ya'll know this ain't free, I'm gonna take her to a park and make her swallow my nut.

Just got back from taken Chocolate to her Job interview. She got in the car all depressed. I asked her what is wrong. She said "Nothing". So I left it at that and took her ass home. I didn't get drank up like I wanted too, after seeing her all frowning and depressed and shyt, I decided to save my juice for a later date. When a bytch drink this shyt, I wanna see a smile on her face, ya dig?

Still tryin to decide which honey I'm gonna put to work this week. I have enough cheese to hire 3 or 4. But I'm not trying to waste my money. I need to find different shyt for em to do. Jessica called and wants to get down, but she don't wanna suck no dick. But she got good pussy. Alexxxis called and wants to drink me up again and her head skillz send shivers down my balls. She is the best. And of course she pregnant so that's a plus on film. Alexxxis cousin, Nee Nee the drunk argumentative cute sistah wants to get down also. Her head skills is ok, and the pussy is okay also. She may be a diamond in the ruff, but I wont never know if she keeps wanting to come to the shoots all drunk and shyt. Ice wants to get down also. Her head is great! And her fuck'n skillz is the best. Out of all the chicks, I love fuck'n her the most, she is the complete package except for she ain't really built like a stallion. But now she got all sorts of boyfriend drama that I would have to work around if I wanted to get at her. Champagne wants to get down also! She is a beautiful ass sistah when she gets done up. She is a great performer and easy to work with. But she wanna try and jack up her model fee to the point that, I don't feel I need to fuck with her. When chicks try and dictate their Model fee, I tend to leave them alone. Only room for one Mack in this shyt and that's me. That means they can't dictate shyt.


Join now to see Video---->>>> First video I ever did with Ice. Here she is shake'n her ass for Daddy.

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Past Log Black Mamba a.k.a Chocolate: 10 July 04

10 July 04

John The assistant calls me and tells me that Sparkle and Tiffany been call’n him all day. He says that they must have called him 10 times. He couldn’t give me any specifics on the phone because he was in a room with his wife, So I told the Nicca to call me back at a later date when he can talk freely. I guess Sparkle know that call’n me would be a fuck’n dead end. That Hoe gets no love until I see some betta behavior.

Chocolate called me today crying on the phone and wanted me to come and pick her up because she just got kicked out her moms crib. I couldn’t leave though because I was in the middle of rendering video on my computer. I asked her does she have a place to go, and she said she doesn’t. I don’t know what she expects me too do, she know I got other priorities and don’t have time to take care of no grown ass woman.

She my Nicca and all, but she needs to keep that family shyt in the family. I asked her what about ya boyfriend( who stays in Chocolate mom’s house also) is he stayin while you gettin kicked out? She said he is staying. I asked her what the beef was about. She claims her mom’s husband don’t like her and he does little shyt to get her in trouble with her moms. She said her moms bought some Sunny Delight orange juice and told everybody in the house not to drink it. But Chocolate says her step dad deliberately drank it and blamed it on her. I said damn ya moms kickn you out over that? I said it must be some deeper shyt goin on babygirl. And why ya moms always wanna throw you out and nobody else? I told her that she must be doin some foul shyt I don’t know about because you always the one people want to kick out. She was just kicked out of her cousin’s house (Anita). And it was over the same shyt, eat’n up all the food in the house.

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Sparkle/Tiffany/Mamba and Carmen Episode.

10 July 04.

Get a call early in the morning from Tiffany about 7 or 8 am and she is crying that she got her car stolen and was getting threats from the dude who stole her car to not tell the police or he would kill her. Sparkle gets on the phone and is bytch’n about the fact that she can’t go to Atlanta and leave Tiffany their alone because something might happen to her while she is gone. So I ask her what the fuck do you want me to do? She of course wants another Bus Ticket. I said “No”. She begs and pleads and says that if Tiffany don’t get a Bus ticket she wont be able to go to Atlanta because the friend that Sparkle is staying with will kick Tiffany out if Sparkle is not their. I told her that shyt ain’t my concern or problem. I tell her to call John for some freebies. They call John and he promises Tiffany a video shoot today for 50 dollaz and they all call me back and tell me. I’m like “whatever.”

Well I guess that 50 dolla gig wasn’t enough for them because Sparkle calls back about 3 more times trying to boost the fee to at least the price of the Bus Ticket and I tell her. I ain’t playin yo game. She is now actin stoopid and askin “What you talkin about?” I just said “I’m through with this bus ticket bullshyt, c-ya.” So I hangs up and 10 minutes later she calls again! But this time she all screamin on the phone sayin that Tiffany just took a whole bottle of some sort of pills and is trying to kill herself! I said” Why the fuck you tell’n me? Call the damn ambulance!” She said” Tiffany don’t want us to call the ambulance or get the hospital or cops involved. So I said “Well then just get ready to explain to the police why you have a dead body in ya house.” Then I asked Sparkle what pills did tiffany take because on the phone earlier when she gave me that “car got stolen line” she said that Tiffany’s medication for her mental disorders were in there. So I’m like what pills did she take if her pills were in her car that got stole? Suddenly and miraculously Tiffany had some other pills layin around. So I just broke it down like this, I said” Dig, just forget about doin that shoot tonight, I can’t be doin video shoots with unstable females. Ain’t no tellin what will happen when we get her to the hotel. I can’t be involved in no psycho shyt. Holla at ya’ll later.”

They tried to run game, but it backfired.

I also ran into Carmen today at the strip club. I had Chocolate with me because she was bored and wanted to spend a little time with me. I told her I was on a hunt for new blood and I was goin to the strip club. She said fine…she is Bi-sexual anyway and couldn’t wait to go. I see Carmen first thing as I walk in the door. She is all smiles and gives me a hug and asks why I haven’t called her. I told her I tried to call her 2 times but her phone keeps sayin it’s disconnected. She said “Well you must be dialing the wrong number.” I was like “Yeah, whatever.”

I go to the bar and buy me and chocolate some drinks and we sit down. I just sit down and some big booty freak runs over to me and asks me did I appreciate her dance? I was like baby I didn’t even see your dance, I just got here. But I got something for you. I had 4 dollars in quarters that I was gonna give this Hoe, but as soon as she seen the change she got offended. She had a Bag for her money so it ain’t like she couldn’t cary the fuck’n change. I had them quarters to play pool, but the pool table was broke, so I was just gonna give this bytch the quarters. But she got funky about it so I was like “Fuck you too.” Imagine a hoe so uppity she wont take 4 dollaz worth in quarters. I’m sittin in this raggedy ass strip bar with 3 patrons in it and 4 dancers. I’m thinkin “Bytch u betta get every cent you can get.”

Carmen gets up and dances on the stage next. Chocolate is lookin at her hard like she wanna eat the pussy or sumth’n. I tell her to calm down…hahahhaa. Carmen gets done with the dance and comes over to my table beggin for a dollar. So I tip her a dollar. She then stands their lookin at me stoopid and tells me to put another dollar in her belt. I slam on the brakes real fast and tell her” I’m not on this Strip tease shyt in a bar, holla at me when you get off work and you can dance for me for some serious money in a more private atmosphere. But she wouldn’t take no for an answer. She still was pressin me about another dollar. I told her “No” and she walked off mad. I told her to “Come back and let me holla at you girl. She came back and I said “So you game to get some action tonight or what?” She tried to walk away again. So I spoke a little bit louder so she could hear me. I said “You down for some action or what!” She storms back to my table gett’n a bit loud with me, sayin I’m tryin to get her in touble and why am I speakin so loud. All I could think of was her at age 14 tryin to get me jammed up in some ho shyt. So I probably did subliminally yell some shyt out that could have got her fired, but fuck it, I don’t love that bytch anyway. Chocolate looks at me and says, I don’t like her, you want me to whoop her ass? I thought about it for a sec…. then I just smiled and said “No”’s all good.

Needless to say she probably wont be callin me no time soon. Fuck her.

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Sparkle, Champagne and Vee entry

Champagne 2004

Champagne 2004

29 June 04

Sparkle, Champagne and Mz Vee all take a trip down to Atlanta with some Niccaz I don’t know. It was an older female and dude in there 40’s who took them down south and promised them that they would be able to make a lot of money by dancing in clubs and by being dancers at this big party that was going to be given by some big rappers and football players. They get down there and get hustled by the couple. They didn’t get to do the party and they didn’t get to dance in no clubs to make any money. They found out that to dance in Atlanta you need a license and that runs an easy 300 dollaz. So they stuck in a Hotel with nowhere to go and no way to make money. The couple starts to tell the girls that they need to find a way to pay them back for the hotel room, food and transportation. They tell them to go out and find some Niccaz to hustle.

The females rebel at this situation and tell the couple that they ain’t prostituting themselves just because they failed to deliver to them what was promised. The girls are like why you gett’n mad at us when you was supposed to get the Gigs for us, but you didn’t provide any way for us to make money to pay you back. The couple tells them to get out there and sell some ass or you can WALK home to Ohio. Of course this is when they call my “Captain save a Ho” ass.

Vee 2004

Vee 2004

I get a call about 4 pm in the day and I got 3 females on the phone crying and shyt tell’n me the whole scoop. My first impression was, that it was a hustle. These females lie about so much shyt you don’t know what to believe. They said that they needed bus tickets back home because they were stranded. I’m thinkin they came down to Atlanta, did a show, made a couple of hundred and now need to come back home, but they don’t want to spend the money they just made on a bus ticket, so let’s just make up a lie and tell 3XL that we have been stranded and we need someone to wire us bus tickets over the inter-net. I initially said nah I can’t help ya just because Sparkle was with them, and she always lyin and tryin to game me. But My girl Mz. Vee was with her and I was digg’n this new chick Champagne and didn’t want to give her a bad impression of me so early in the game. So I said fuck it. I’ll hit yall wit the tickets, “Just know and understand that whether this is a hustle or a legit situation, ya’ll my Niccaz and ya’ll got the Bus tickets comin just because ya’ll do good work.”

Sparkle 2004

Sparkle 2004

2 July 04

I call up MzVee, Sparkle and Champagne to ask them if they could do a Nicca a favor and meet me later on to do a 3 female shoot for me on some promotional shyt. I told em ain’t no pay involved, but I was wonderin if ya’ll could just look out for a Nicca. Besides it ain’t fully nude anyway, just topless maybe. They all agreed and said “Yeah we will do it.” I said let’s meet tomorrow, they said “Okay”. I go to meet them at 3 pm in the projects and they can’t be found. I call Mz Vee and she said that she was on her way, but she don’t know where the other chicks are. I said Fuck it, I’ll holla tomorrow.

3 July 04

Mz Vee, Champagne and Sparkle call me and tell me all their bullshyt excuses about why they didn’t make it. I wasn’t interested in hearing that shyt. I just asked we gonna do this shyt or what? They said “yeah”. I’m like okay meet me at 6 pm at Mz Vee’s. As usual Sparkle got some bullshyt excuse why she can’t do it at 6pm. She said it was the anniversary of her brothers murder and she had to visit his grave around that time. So me being the soft ass Nicca that I am said” “Okay babygirl when DO YOU WANT TO DO THIS? Give a Nicca an answer, ya’ll make’n this shyt too complex” They said 8 pm would be cool. I said Okay i’ll be back at 8. I show back up at 8pm and as usual nobody can be fuck’n found.

4th of July

I get calls all day from each female blame’n the next girl for the stand up routine again. I said, I ain’t sweatin it. I got some other honies that’s gonna do it. They didn’t put up a fight and say they can do the shoot. They obviously didn’t want to do it. They think they got away with playin me, but they just don’t know who they fuck’n with. I’ll get it out they ass one way or the other.

I visit Jaquatta over Nina’s house to tell her when we can do some bizness. She been calln me all week about a session. I see her sittin on the curb in front of her building drinking Colt 45. I said what’s up and what you been doin lately? She said nothing, she tryin to get some money to get an apartment ( hahahha, man I been hearing that line a lot). Nina comes out and says Hi. Ya’ll remember Nina the one who danced at the hotel with the Big Booty and bad hair-do?  Well she ain’t been back to do no more work because her boyfriend don’t want her fuck’n wit me. I ain’t tripp’n that shyt, I respect that out of a Nicca. So I respect the Niccaz wishes and don’t holla at her no more.

Just so happens that Nina’s boyfriend is Jaquatta’s brother. So Im out there and I’m just rappin to Nina and Jaquatta on some friendly shyt and The boyfriend/Brother comes out lookin at a Nicca hard. He walks over toward me and stops about 6 feet away and asks me who I am in a hard tone. I’m thinking, I know this Nicca ain’t tryin to flex? I just looked at his raggedy ass and I tell him” Playa you know who I am, don’t act like you don’t know.” So I asked him “Who are you?” He just looked at me all fucked up and walked away.

I was kind of hope’n the Nicca would have jump at me, I been itch’n to kick a Niccaz ass. These hoes got me stressed to the point this week that I been wanting to knock a Niccaz  teeth out. I would have crushed that Nicca.

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Tee and Sparkle: Complicit in the Conspiracy.


Meet Sparkle: One of my ex bottom Bytchez. She was actively recruiting new chicks for the Mackcity Empire from 2003 to 2007.


Meet Tee: This little freak was blessed into the game by Sparkle and added her essence to my Jar of Souls.


Sparkle held the title for bringing me the most females for a while. It was always a three way tie between her, Ice and Krazy K.


So imagine my surprise when I hear her throw salt in the game by telling folks what a bad dude I am for putin her and the other chicks on my web site. She always knew the game and what was going on. But when the site got exposed she tried to play victim.


The nerve of some of my ex bottom bytchez. I loved em like no one else could. I gave when no one else would give. It’s a dirty game out here playaz. Righteousness is seldom appreciated, never expect the good that you do to be returned. It’s all good though, I still value the good times we had and I won’t ever forget how tight we use to be when we played the game.

For the full scoop on Sparkle and Tee join Mackcity today and watch how Sparkle recruits and gets all her homegirls to put in that work for The Empire. She had a mouth piece on her playaz, she got paid well for her recruiting skills. So no need to feel bad for her, her pockets got fat convincing her friends to get down with this sickness. Join now and see it all.

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