Image is everything.


Kaira: Watch her sex videos in the members area.

Kaira: Watch her sex videos in the members area.



Choose an Image/Develope and Guard your Reputation.

I touched on this in a previous essay, and most cats often overlook this important step. You should make yourself stand out from the crowd, you should develop a steady and consistent image that people can see and hold on too. Your image shouldn’t be fake, it should reflect the realest part of you. Remember if your gonna be dealing with woman, it’s important to be as REAL as possible. Woman can see through a fake nicca a mile away.

When ever your on the scene always try and have something that seperates you from the average hard leg Nicca. Have a quality or an attribute that most Niccas don’t have. And once you find that one thing that you think the females are drawn too, cultivate, master and hone it into a razor sharp edge to make your game deadly.

As I stated before in a previous essay, I chose the “Nice Guy” or “Big Brother” type image or approach. This image didn’t take any effort to cultivate or develop because it was ME to begin with. I looked in the Mirror one day and had to seriously ask myself some questions. I said if I was a female would I look at myself as a sexy fine muthafukka that made my pussy wet? Would I want to fuck me if I seen myself in a club? The answers had to be real and bullshyt free in order to get this Mack Shyt workin right. I concluded that I wasn’t very sexy physically. I didn’t have alot of charisma and animal magnetism to initially attract and keep the ladies interested. I knew that out of all the females I have boned it was always after I had established a friendship and trust was created. I had never had a one night stand. I seen that I always did the most damage when I was allowed to spend time with a female and let her get a taste of this school boy charm. I knew that I was a slow worker and always needed time to accomplish the goal of conquering the female mind. Part of this reason was because the woman didn’t know who I was, she had nothing to go on. She had no information on what made me tick. She was forced to start with a blank sheet of paper. And this always made things slow for me.

But if you have a WELL ESTABLISHED REPUTATION, your work becomes much easier and you work much faster. Your Image and your Reputation are the foundation of your work. If your a fine, sexy ginuine type Nicca that gets pussy thrown at you within seconds of meeting a female, then you can skip the Nice Guy shyt. If your known for knockn a bytch upside the head or just known in the hood for kickn muthafukkaz asses at the drop of a hat, then the Nice Guy routine ain’t really necessay. Macks can get the same effect with differant types of images. The casanova Mack get’s his manipulation power with his stunning good looks, not to much game playin is necessary to get what he wants. The Gorilla Pimp gets what he wants through shear intimidation.

My Reputation precedes me everywhere I go and does all the work for me. I don’t have to say shyt to anyone about anything now-a-days. If I’m somewhere in the projects I often get females to come at me and holla about gett’n on my time. I turn alot away due to most of em don’t have I.D and some are just to fucked up on the physical tip. But they often know my reputation for being fair and compassionate. They know I often help them out when no one else will. They know that if they are are on their last leg, I step in to support them so that they don’t crash and burn. They all know about the money I gave this girl or that girl. They all know about the electric bill I paid or the car ride a gave to such and such to her job interview. The great thing about this is that you may do things for a female but by the time your deed gets back to you, it has been exaggerated and blown up one million times. If you gave a broad 50 dollaz to pay a phone bill, the next time you hear about your deed through other people, that 50 dollaz has turned into 200 dollaz. If you gave a female a ride to the grocery store that story somehow gets twisted and now the story is that you gave her a ride and bought all her food. Bottom line is these females are going to naturally Lie and hype up the shyt you do for them to make them look good in front of their friends. They have to justify the reason why they do what they do for me on video. So they will blow all kinds of shyt out of proportion that I do for them to look like they are livin the good life through me. You know your rep has been established when people speak of you often and your not in their presence. I often here about what this or that female said about me on a particular day. My Reputation is based upon Generosity and Honesty and I make sure that no one tries to destroy or taint that.

 If you want an image that the females really dig then it’s always a must to have good hygiene. ALWAYS BE FUCK’N CLEAN!!! ALWAYS HAVE YOUR CAR CLEAN INSIDE AND OUT!!! Everything about you has to scream order and security. A dirty Nicca with a Dirty Ride only tells a female that “This Nicca is lazy and he can’t take care of himself or his own shyt, how is he gonna take care of or help me?” Never be seen too often, when you step on the scene stay just long enough to take care of business and then break out and leave without even seeing bye. This is some Batman/Bruce Wayne or Superman/Clark Kent shyt. Doing this builds mystery and intrigue. Avoid becoming common or too accessible. You wanna be like Gold, rare and hard to find. Let them otha Niccaz be all in a females face 24/7. When the end of the day comes and they are about to lay down in their beds, the ladies will be thinking about you, not the Nicca that’s in her face all day. Just think about anything in your life that you ever wanted real bad. The only reason you ever want something is because YOU DON’T HAVE IT! So you have to use that same principle when dealing with your image. Don’t allow the female to possess you or figure you out. Once she feels that she has solved the mystery of who you are and what your about, your hold over her will disappear.

 A distinct and identifiable image will take you a long way fast. I don’t dress fancy I pull up in a sweat top and sweat bottoms, or some basketball shorts. I wear mostly Black and Grey. My gym shoes are always white and clean and I wear a long silver necklace. My car is always clean and it always smells good when they get in. When ever she leaves you to go back to her environment she has to notice the transition. When she is with me she has money, food, her environment smells good, things are clean and she feels excited and secure. When she leaves she must feel the opposite. If your reputation is well established and your image is strong, you will have to do little work. Your reputation and Image will do it for you. The reputation and image is given life by other people. And as funny as its sounds the less people see of you and the less your around once the reputation has taken root, the stronger it becomes. If your around the people you wish to astound with your reputation all day, it will become weak and fizzle. Just think about the scariest movie you ever seen in your life. Was it the movie that showed the killer in the first 2 minutes of the movie? Or was it the movie that never showed the killer and you were forced to conjure up an image of the killer in your mind? Well it’s the same concept with your reputation and image. You let other people fill in the blanks, don’t volunteer any information let them do all the work in their head. They will do a better job to hype you up more than you ever could.

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Rule in Hell, or serve in Heaven.


What’s the latest playaz? 3XL back at ya again with another installment of Mack Wisdom. Today I wanna just speak on a little something that I think is important to observe. Some cats always want the very best of everything right off the bat. Alot of Niccaz want to run before they can even fuckin crawl. Patience is indeed a virtue and should be practiced in our everyday lives. I want you to look at the phrase above that headlines this page and philosophically ask yourself if given the choice which side would you fall? You can think of the question in a typical spook religious context or in a more practical manner if you wish. When one asks me if I would rather “Serve in Heaven or Rule in Hell”, I’m the type of Nicca that’s gonna say “Rule in Hell.” I’m more than likely saying this because I don’t believe in literal heavens and Hells for the souls of men, so this question really doesn’t hold as much weight and anxiety with me as it would the average Nicca. I mean if you ask a so-called God fearing man this question more than likely all of them would say “Serve in heaven”. I mean if you really believe in these places and really believe in the gods that will banish you there if you blaspheme then this question has a different reality altogether than it would for a Heathen savage like me. I’m asking you right now would you want to scrub toilets, kiss ass, and just be a underling with no position in heaven, even though its a much better and comfortable place to exist. Or would you opt to be the shot caller, the big cheese the grand pubah in the nether regions of hell even though the real estate is fucked up?

Or lets look at the practical or real aspect of “Ruling in hell, versus Serving in heaven.” Would you rather have a Dime piece broad on your arm everywhere you went or would you be satisfied with a mud duck that follows you around like a lost puppy? Some Niccaz think this is an easy question to answer but let’s look more in-depth at the scenario. If you fuckin with a real fly ass bytch that is truly a dime piece then in most instances she is gonna have alot of self esteem and is used to getting her way. I have seen Niccaz with beautiful woman who get punked by these woman day in and day out. I see these Niccaz held hostage by the beauty and the charisma that these females may possess. The man may have this dime but he ain’t runnin shyt. She is runnin the show and he knows it, but some cats don’t mind being punked and treated like hoes by these woman. All that matters to them is that this woman stays in his presence and does not leave him. All that matters to him is that other men from the outside looking in, envy and admire him for being with a woman so beautiful. Now Niccaz like this are “Serving in heaven.”

Then you have Niccaz like me who would rather have a Nickel who obeyed my commandments and wishes and stayed in her place. I ain’t the type of cat that can tolerate a woman trying to run me and make me out to be second in command. I would rather have an obedient nickel than a rebellious dime. It doesn’t matter what I say or do, the female has to know that in the end my word is law. I can’t have any females playin me slow or thinking they have more game than me. Now keep in mind I’m speakin on being in a relationship with a woman, I’m not talking about cyber-pimpn. If I was talkin in a cyber pimp context it would be okay to play the fool and let a female think she is runnin something when she really ain’t. These are apples and oranges situations. So right now you see, I’m a “Rule in Hell” type playa. My broad may not be fine and she may not be the envy of the neighborhood, but I run the show and I have the control and this is more important to me than having a fine bytch for a trophy and being subjected to an endless battle of wills with a female who think she got a Nicca’s nose open.

Maybe the explanation above is too mundane for you politically conscious brothers so let’s try a a different spin shall we? Let me ask you this, if you had a choice between being a Black African slave in the 1700’s in the United States of America, would you opt for a field negro or house negro position? What if you had a choice between being in charge of your slave comrades, kind of like a trustee position. You would be in charge of whippin they ass when they got out of line and goin back and runnin to masta whenever they got a wild hair up they ass. But you still lived out in a shack with the rest of em far away from the comfort of Masta and his luxurious big house. Or would you take a spot of actually living in mastas big house, maybe a butler position of sorts? You make his coffee and tea, you make his bed, you make sure you make his life as comfortable as possible by bootlickin and kissing his ass 24/7. In the field position you are basically The acting Slave Owner while master is not around and you tell everybody what to do and when to do it. You callin the shots, but you share in the poverty and back breaking slave physical labor that your fellow slaves endure at times. So which extreme will you believe to be the better existence? I can’t lie I ain’t never been a bootlickin or ass kissin type brother so I can see myself in the field with a position over other Niccaz. My position wouldn’t necessarily mean that I loved the Master, it would only mean that I got to do what I do to survive and keep my own ass from being fucked over. The rules of survival will be apples and oranges if you compared the life of a house negro and a field negro. So what will it be, “Rule in Hell or Serve in Heaven?”

I’m bringing this topic up to try and help cats who e-mail me all the time and ask me about this cyber-pimp game. One of the questions I always get is the question of acquiring models and content. Alot of fellaz want to run out and try and get a porn actress and pay her a grand to do some work right off the grip. They thinking about “Ruling in Heaven”, but this only happens if one has served in hell first. You have to crawl before you walk. A brotha has to take baby steps towards his ultimate goal. You don’t need to start out with a Janet Jacme to become successful, what you need is a freak named Monique from down the street to get you up and running. If you can’t get a car load of dimes to throw on your site, then get a boat load of nickels dammit. Go to females that you know you can deal with, don’t get caught in deep water tryin to wrangle any drama queens, divas or female macks. The bottom line is you tryin to make some fuckin money and you can’t make any loot with an unruly crew, everybody has to know their place and acknowledge a pecking order. You can’t make any loot tyring to pay porn stars to do work for you running straight out the gate. Damn, how hard is it to understand the crawl before you walk symbolism? You may be a brotha that really don’t want to deal with so called broke and busted type ghetto material and you wanna do a site that has them plastic model bytches though and you may have no desire to crawl. My advice is to start with at least one so-called dime to kick shyt off. Don’t over burden yourself with a gang of fly freaks because they will bleed you dry and destroy your operation quickly. If you think I’m exaggerating just look around cyberspace and look at how many cats blink in and out of existence quickly in this web site game. Most these brothas over play they hand and become a slave to heaven, which means they end up owing people instead of people owing them. They end up blinded by trying to get the tightest and flyest broads money can buy and when you do that you have become a slave to the industry that you are trying to PIMP. They end up getting pimped by those who are supposed to be working for them. Now the roles are reversed and he is now Ho status. Like I said most guys opt to just buy hollywood porn content and slap it on a site and beg you to join, or they go out and try and get the flyest bytches on the planet and they end up having their site crash and burn before the year is out. I know brothas that had took out 10,000 dolla loans from banks to get their web site off the ground. They needed the money for a web designer and model fees. They would end up payin females from 200 to 700 dollaz for some freak action. They did this because they wanted the best and the sexiest freaks they could find. But in doing this they went into debt and became a slave to the industry once again. And as quiet as it is kept just because you have some hot lookin freaks on ya site don’t actually mean people will join to see them on the inside. I can go out right now and find plenty of females that will get buck wild for a 50 dolla spot the only catch seems to be that you gonna have too deal with stretch marks, bullet and knife wounds or just them being plain unattractive or overweight. And I can get these types of honies to do more for less. When I started out doin this shyt, I didn’t go into debt. I came out the gate making a profit and doubling my money, all because I chose to “Rule in hell”. A so-called dime ain’t shyt to me, if I get one for a 50 dolla spot then that’s cool, but they don’t get no fuckin special treatment just because of the way they look.

A time will come that if I so choose I will “Rule in Heaven.” It is the natural order of things playaz. Evolution is inevitable if your alive and breathing. The longer you do a thing the better you will get at it. Soon I will have the ability to have the coldest freaks on my site and not have them break my bank in order to have them do some work. But until then I’m content with the low road. To all you playaz who are still seriously trying to make waves in this cyber pimp game, you need to start small. That way if you see that this shyt ain’t for you, you didn’t lose anything. This way you have lost nothing on your venture and can retire from the game with no bitterness. By starting small the mistakes that you may make on the way will not cost you as much. You can more freely try out new methods and schemes to enhance and tweak your game with minimal risk. Coming straight out the gate by throwing massive amounts of money into your venture and by having females around you that feel they are stars and divas and dumb shyt like that will stymie your progress. You’ll end up with contract disputes and lawyers all in your ass and you sure as hell ain’t ready for no shyt like this, after all you just gettin started in this game, you don’t know jack shyt about royalties, percentage points, copyright or trademark infringements But now you in all this all because you wanna perfect piece of ass. Fuck that!

Pay heed to this lesson in all you do in life. Many a man who has no substance will opt for the easy road. Many will shun responsibility and accountability in order to just let someone else run the show and leave them free of any decision making. The fact is that practically the whole population of this planet has been programmed and breed to “Serve in Heaven.” Those that run and rule the world want you to be content with serving them and their agendas. Few men have the vision to “Rule in Hell”. To choose this rout means that a man must be fearless, smart and resourceful. After all it is much easier to move into a well populated, thriving technologically advanced city (Serve in Heaven). To “Rule in Hell” means that you would rather opt to move into the wilderness where nothing has been established and that you would have to build the houses, the commerce, the city infrastructure, education and transportation system and so on. It will be a hardship tour for you and may even kill you, but once you are done, you will be ruler of all you survey because you built it, It is yours.

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