Past log: Gumbo Mix 14 July 2004

14 July 04

It's 2 A.M in the morning Sparkles calls me crying on the phone ,begging for 30 dollaz. She claims that she has just kicked out Tiffany and they not cool no more because Tif wasn't hitt'n her with any money. I guess Sparkle needed the money for a Hotel for the night. But Nicca like me ain't got time to play with that bullshyt. She should have saved her money and did something with it instead of give it away to Niccaz that didn't give a shyt about her. Now she running back to the Nicca that has showed her love time and time again. Now she wanna use me up, while she let's otha Niccaz use her as she gives away my money that she done begged for. Fuck that, NO MORE!

I'm about to roll out and pick up Chocolate. She wants to go Job hunting and she asked could I take her a couple of places. I said sure. But ya'll know this ain't free, I'm gonna take her to a park and make her swallow my nut.

Just got back from taken Chocolate to her Job interview. She got in the car all depressed. I asked her what is wrong. She said "Nothing". So I left it at that and took her ass home. I didn't get drank up like I wanted too, after seeing her all frowning and depressed and shyt, I decided to save my juice for a later date. When a bytch drink this shyt, I wanna see a smile on her face, ya dig?

Still tryin to decide which honey I'm gonna put to work this week. I have enough cheese to hire 3 or 4. But I'm not trying to waste my money. I need to find different shyt for em to do. Jessica called and wants to get down, but she don't wanna suck no dick. But she got good pussy. Alexxxis called and wants to drink me up again and her head skillz send shivers down my balls. She is the best. And of course she pregnant so that's a plus on film. Alexxxis cousin, Nee Nee the drunk argumentative cute sistah wants to get down also. Her head skills is ok, and the pussy is okay also. She may be a diamond in the ruff, but I wont never know if she keeps wanting to come to the shoots all drunk and shyt. Ice wants to get down also. Her head is great! And her fuck'n skillz is the best. Out of all the chicks, I love fuck'n her the most, she is the complete package except for she ain't really built like a stallion. But now she got all sorts of boyfriend drama that I would have to work around if I wanted to get at her. Champagne wants to get down also! She is a beautiful ass sistah when she gets done up. She is a great performer and easy to work with. But she wanna try and jack up her model fee to the point that, I don't feel I need to fuck with her. When chicks try and dictate their Model fee, I tend to leave them alone. Only room for one Mack in this shyt and that's me. That means they can't dictate shyt.


Join now to see Video---->>>> First video I ever did with Ice. Here she is shake'n her ass for Daddy.

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Tia: Past episode 2004.


I love some big titty freaks. I use to skeet all over them juggs.

I love some big titty freaks. I use to skeet all over them juggs.

Got Tia back on the roster fellaz. Been wanting to bust a nut on her for the past 5 or 6 months. She been in hiding for a while due to accusations of her stealing other project chick wick cards,food stamps and county checks. I heard this from her “use to be” best friend Alexxxis. It seems that Tia allegedly stole her county check. Seems like Tia ain’t tryin to show her face in N.L village. I couldn’t find her anywhere until I was just cruise’n the village one day and seen her walkin with her 5 kids. She flagged a Nicca down and wanted to know why I hadn’t called her or came by to see her. I can’t believe she had the nerve to ask me that shyt. I said “Whatever dammit, let’s skip the bullshyt portion of this conversation and meet me tonight at your crib at about 8 p.m. I’m tryin to get some freak shyt jumpin tonight.” She didn’t hesitate to say yes.

Fot the fellaz like like them dump truck booties.

For the fellaz that like them dump truck booties.

I went to her crib and picked her up at 8 pm. We had to drop off her tribe of kids ovah her moms house. Then we went to the park and we went downtown for some snap shots. Then we went to the hotel where she slobbed my knob real good. I doggystyled her and then nutted on her tits. It was an okay session, she just need to stop bein so whiney and complain’n so fuck’n much. Doin shyt with her is like pull’n teeth. She don’t like this, she don’t like that. All night I had to hear her cry about something. “I’m Hungry, I need a cigarette, It’s cold in here, The lights is too bright………” All night was whine, whine, whine,bytch, bytch bytch, complain, complain, complain.

Them dome skillz was pretty good. I never had a problem bustin off.

Them dome skillz was pretty good. I never had a problem bustin off.

I dropped her back off at home knowing full well that she would more than likely take the cheese she just earned and go and buy some blow. She wanted me to take her to a friends house on the west side but I knew better. I don’t do anymore pit stops for these freaks. Ain’t no tellin what sort of illegal substances they will bring into my ride. And I damn sure ain’t down with that. She been callin me lately wanting to know what I’m up too. But I ain’t called her back. She got on my nerves so much this last session, it may well be the last time ya’ll see any new MackCity tales from her ass.

Hoodheadhunters/454Girls and Mackcity!



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Journal log snippet.

13 July 04

Simone next to the Mack wagon when we use to be cool.

Simone next to the Mack wagon when we use to be cool.

Found out Chatty got evicted from her section 8 spot in N.L Village, now she stays in Parkside with her moms.

Anita Called and wanted me to dick her down today.

I’ve been lookin for Tia for the past month. The last time I talked to her she was on the verge of getting evicted from her spot. I told her to holla at me in about 2 weeks because I may have some work for her. I dropped her off over her moms crib across town with her 5 kids and I ain’t seen her since. The rumor is that Tia was stealin money and county checks from her friends, including her once main friend and partner, Alexxxis. I asked Alexxxis about the rumor and she said it was true. Alexxxis tells me that Tia is hiding out over her mommas house because, she knows that there are a couple of people lookin for her and want to whoop her ass.

Ice, Mz Vee and Chocolate called and wanted to serve daddy. I told em all that I’ll holla back at em later.

Tiffany called and is sweating me about some pix of her and Sparkle. I took her the pix about 10:30 and heard through her that the police was lookin for Simone and Sparkle. John called also and said Sparkle called and was begging him for money to get a hotel to hide out for the night. H e also learned that Vanilla Thrill a.k.a Crackhead Mary was picked up by the police and was questioning her about there alleged involvement in check cashing scams. John told Sparkle he could’nt fuck with her since she was possibly wanted for a felony and he was about to be aiding and abetting a potential felon.

This shyt just gets more looney by the minute.


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