Tales of Ratchetry.


Welcome back to the internets best kept secret. Welcome to the show that many prominant and popular podcasters listen to, but will not admit it. I am the almighty triple XL and allow me to escort you through the streets of Mackcity.com. Today’s heart to heart talk with my mackcity playaz will be about my current situation with two woman in my life. One woman is 51, responsible, gainfully employed, with good home training. The other female is in her late 20’s, unemployed, and an absolute agent of chaos and disorder. Check out the trials and tribulations of a Fat Nicca with money and no swagg. TWERK FOR ME BYTCH!!!

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Powertrick Round Table.


Once again breaking and smashing idols. Giving Niccaz new ways to tackle age old problems when dealing with females. It’s a new day and age and many of my playaz have failed to adapt to the tricks and traps. So as usual, me and Tony use unconventional means and think outside the box to adapt and conquer. Don’t hate the player, hate the game Nicca. Professor X and Magneto bustin heads once again.

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